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Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Family
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Marianna Palka
Storyline: The provocative tale of a woman (Marianna Palka) who snaps under crushing life pressures and assumes the psyche of a vicious dog. Her philandering, absentee husband (Jason Ritter) is forced to become reacquainted with his four children and sister-in-law (Jaime King) as they attempt to keep the family together during this bizarre crisis.
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Intense and different but also refreshing in a strange way (spoilers)
This movie was way better than I thought it would be in that among other things it takes a concept and looks at what would that would look like. While there are funny scenes, it does not shy away from the disturbing: 1) The movie starts with the woman attempting suicide - this brings home reinforces how far things have gone with her getting no support at home with raising 4 kids. 2) The woman believes she is a dog and is treated like she needs to be and is basically locked up in her own home because she is dangerous. There is an almost traumatic quality to it, and at times I found it hard to watch. 3) The sound of the dog is loud for what I think is intentional and sometimes there is a sort of surprise bark or growl to throw off the audience. 4) The husband refuses to get her real treatment because he wants to retain the illusion of control. This was also disturbing to me because of just how serious the woman's condition is.

They show the transformation of the husband and the family around the condition of the mother and that was kind of interesting. I did not completely find this to be a comedy but I found it refreshing - I actually did think it portrayed what psychosis can look like.

I think it does also show how an emotional contract between two people can go horribly wrong and signal a need to change.

There are obvious messages about roles of men and women which are largely outmoded in today's society - the woman in this movie has given up everything and has next to no space or time for herself, and the husband has never given up anything and at least in the beginning is more emotionally connected to his job than anything else.

One might say well what about the affair he is having with the secretary - I believe this is an extension of the husband's narcissism or at least intense self-involvement. It is so pronounced that I almost questioned how he could have had 4 kids in the first place.
Going to the dogs
I liked Bitch because the story unfolds from such a simple premise: When it all gets too much for a mother of four, she takes herself out of the equation. We don't know whether she is making a conscious choice or suffering from a rare disease of the mind. All we know is that her workaholic husband now has to do without her. It doesn't go well, at least not initially. Bitch is not the world's deepest movie, but it's an entertaining lesson about the effort it takes to keep a family together.
A really interesting concept, but not made exceptionally well. It seems a bit long, and doesn't really look at real case, affect and solution/outcome, so it all feels a bit pointless. Kind of funny in bits, but I wouldn't put comedy as its genre. The female lead acted really well, but other cast members were lacking a bit.
Strange choices
For a low budget indie film, it's not terrible.

It looks nice, considering its budget.

What is readily apparent, is that it's trying to be different just to be different.

It is bizarre, but not in an interesting way.

The pacing is not exactly great, and the writing seems random.
Pretty Good
I liked this one. It's an interesting take the on breakdown of a woman in suburbia when overwhelmed by the pressures of near single-handedly raising a family with little more than the financial help of her self obsessed husband.

Its a reasonably well written, well paced, well developed, well scripted, and excellently acted film. Black comedy, satire, drama, I'm not sure which but its amusing throughout and I had a few rip roaring belly laughs too, which is always a bonus.

Jason Ritter is superb and really has this role sown up. The film really revolves around his character, and he's masterful in portraying a man with most every masculine failing a husband can have. A word of warning! Brace yourself men if you err in deciding to see this with a wife, girlfriend, mistress, sister, mother, daughter or indeed any individual of the female gender. The feminist's bashing stick is oiled, nailed, honed and wielded with some ferocious might for nearly the length of this movie, and protective gear is warranted if you decided not to head my warning.

Its a very engaging film and though it's a bit silly, far-fetched and juvenile in places it's quite entertaining. It has a very able cast and as I said most things are on point.

Unfortunately its not all good; the music and sound accompaniment (whatever they're called) are horrible. They are loud, intrusive and overbearing. Nearly every action sequence or occurrence is paired with loud obtuse percussion effects and clutter... just noise. I have serous misgivings with incongruity of the sound here. I understand the effect of chaos and distress its attempting to achieve, but its been grossly overdone and the result is distracting and invasive.

I highly recommend it if you're a lady going on a feminist march and need to rally the troops round beforehand, or if you're a man who perhaps needs to demonstrate that your own masculine failings aren't really that bad, and you need to prove to your wife how much worse they could be.

I jest of course. Its a decent film, and I've favoured a higher rating because as a low budget effort it delivers very well and is worth watching. Gets the thumb up from me.
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