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Adventure, Comedy, Family
Ron Oliver
Tim Christie as Bar Patron
Ricky Garcia as Kevin Shepard
Shayne Elliott as Ornery Guy
Omari Newton as Richie
Andrew Herr as Gunner Highcroft
Curtis Lum as Police Officer Curtis
Michael Hanus as Meathead
Kevin O'Grady as Ivan Slobodovich
Paul McGillion as Tom Shepard
Nelson Wong as Kenny Kwan
Barry Bostwick as Alan Wolf
April Telek as Judy
Storyline: Kevin Shepard is a tech-savvy young genius who uses his intelligence to slack off. When greedy video game executive Alan Wolf gets a hold of his ideas for a video game, Kevin and his best friend Becca set off for Seattle to make Wolf's life miserable through a series of pranks.
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So poor
For people of a certain generation like myself 'Big Fat Liar' is fondly remembered as a good funny family film that starred Frankie Muniz (Malcolm in the Middle). However I don't think even the biggest fan of the film would have wanted a sequel, or even an absolute rip-off remake like this.

Yes, there have been some not so subtle changes to the characters and the plot to make it a bit different, but the powers that be cannot successfully fool us into believing that this is a new film. I can't imagine what the Writer or Director of the original thought when they saw this film. Perhaps they sensibly avoided it, like anyone else would do.

Avoid this film.
Bigger Fatter Liar. Don't read if you haven't watched Big Fat Liar.
This movie is a rip off the movie Big Fat Liar. This is the ugly, spoiled, stupid and badly made little version of the movie Big Fat Liar. They didn't even bother changing names or even lots of the original movie's lines. Oh wait. There is a difference. The cast of Bigger Fatter Liar are all ugly and should NOT be acting. They should probably be radio actors. With all due respect to a lot of good radio actors. But the actors and actresses of Bigger Fatter Liar were not good looking and were way older than they should be. Stinkaroo dudes. Bigger Fatter Liar stinks.
This is a crime against cinema
I am big fan of the original, but this is word for word the exact same movie with a stupid app idea. I am furious watching this film and how Universal allowed this to be made. Thank god this was not in theaters and I could watch it off netlflix in the comfort of my home. Dan Schnider is sobbing after watching this, Why did you have to reboot something so iconic and perfect. This is a disgrace to everyone who enjoyed the original!
Grows Tiresome
I have not seen the 2002 film "Big Fat Liar" but from what I've read on some sites this latest "version" is quite inferior. It seemed to start out in a rather clever and humorous way but as as the movie progressed it all grew very tiresome for me.

Ricky Garcia stars as Kevin, a high school student who has built a reputation of constantly lying and manipulating. When he's caught plagiarizing a paper by one of his teachers, he's given an assignment to write a new paper and cleverly comes up with the outline of a new video game called Bigger Fatter Liar.

However, by circumstance his idea is stolen by a despicable video game executive (Barry Bostwick). Bostwick really plays the vile character to the hilt. Of course, due to Kevin's previous reputation virtually no one will believe him.

Thus, pretty much the remainder of the movie will involve Kevin and his best friend Becca (Jodelle Ferland) flying to San Francisco and wreaking havoc on the executive's life through a series of pranks and revenge tactics. In my opinion, it just all became too repetitive like a "one trick pony" and contrived, and I was glad when it finally concluded.
The worst I've seen for a very long time
This film simply reuse the script from the original "Big Fat Liar" with only minor changes. Problem is they use much less talented actors and the writer/actor Ron Oliver must have gone crazy since he peaked his career in the 1980:s. This is simply a lousy attempt to earn a few dollars by using the name of an old popular film. I ought to claim compensation from the production company for totally ruining 1½ hours of my life.
Awful, awful, awful.
Just the worst film I've ever seen. We watched the first one and loved it, so we decided to watch this one the next day. What a BIG mistake. Word for word, concept for concept, exactly the same as the first one, even down to the guy being called 'Wolf' and his secretary saving the day in the end. Except with fewer jokes.

Seriously, just don't. This is an hour and a half of your life you will NEVER get back. Literally go and have a nap instead or something.

Big Fat Clunker
I apologize in advance- this review is a bit on the scathing side. But deservedly so, as studios need to realize that if sequels/remakes/reboots are going to be greenlit, they need to be at least remotely worthwhile.

When I first saw this on Netflix, I was both shocked and excited; I had not heard about a remake of Big Fat Liar being in the works, but BFL was one of my absolute favorite movies as a kid, so I was hopeful about a fresh take on the story. This movie also had quite a bit of storytelling potential as far as explaining why the main character lied so much and why his friend put up with his nonsense for so long.

And then I saw no trace of Dan Schneider in the writing/producing credits. That was a hard pill to swallow, as he was the reason the original was so much fun, but still, I went into it cautiously optimistic. After all, I enjoyed Ricky Garcia and Jodelle Ferland in other things...

Twenty minutes in, I knew. I kept telling myself it could get better, so I stuck it out 'til the end, but it just didn't.

I'll start with the writing. It's awful. There were inconsistencies as glaring as the name of the video game in question; it switched between Bigger Fatter Liar and Big Fat Liar, so after watching the movie, I'm still not sure what the actual name is. Not to mention, I could swear Wolf's first name is Larry in the movie, but on IMDb he's listed as Alan. What? The biggest issue with the writing, however, is that it lacks everything that made Big Fat Liar special: quirkiness, charm, and most of all, LIFE. The remake was devoid of all of it. It didn't help that Wolf went from turning into a brightly colored clown to a black- and-white mime. Ironically fitting, however, as the new Wolf actor utterly paled in comparison to the brilliance of Paul Giamatti.

That brings me to the acting. Again, lifeless. The actors in the original oozed charisma and personality, whereas it is the complete opposite here.

Ricky Garcia- He's great as the lovable Naldo in Best Friends Whenever, but he clearly struggled with this role. I think Naldo is just easier to play, being the cartoonish Disney Channel sidekick that he is.

Jodelle Ferland- She was the one person who turned in a decent performance most of the time, but she is no Amanda Bynes and was held back by a lack of good material to work with.

Barry Bostwick- I'm not familiar with his past work, but from his credits I can tell that he's a respectable actor, so it's clear to me that he was more held back than anyone else. His performance was nothing special, but again, his material was nothing special.

Basically, this movie was written and directed by a guy who does Hallmark movies, and it showed.

Simply put, it just didn't work.

Don't waste time on this remake and go watch Big Fat Liar(2002) if you haven't already. You'll thank me later.
They attempted to make the first movie again... except badly
I think the original movie must have been too successful for the writers/producers/directors/stakeholders because they literally took the script of the first and using copy and replace inserted the words "video game app" instead of "movie". Then they examined the jokes and removed all lead up and background but left the punch lines. They even added a couple of nods to the original which fall completely flat because this movie IS the original if the original were made badly. I'm not exaggerating. Watch it. Lament the bitter taste it leaves in your mouth as it attempts to rewrite your fond memories of Big Fat Liar with it's blatant and very poorly done plagiarism of the original.
I enjoyed it!
I grew up with the original 2002 box-office hit "Big Fat Liar" and when I found out about this, I thought "Why not give it a shot?" I watched the film online for free and I surprisingly enjoyed it. To me, the acting wasn't really that bad, the characters were pretty awesome (not as awesome as the ones in the original) and the fate of Larry Wolf was awesome as well. That's all I have to say!
Worst remake ever
Can I just say that this is the worst remake ever? Yeah remake, it isn't even an original story or a part 2. The game 'big fat liar' (the only difference is that it's a game now. Oh and the bad guy turned a mime instead of a smurf) wasn't even good or original. It's just a boring catch the falling money game. And there a thousands of them. The game kept crashing which didn't make sense at all. There could've been bugs, but crashing? Seriously? I get that you wanted to make it kid friendly, but at least make it realistic. The limousine had these screens outside of it and the bad guy was supposed to not notice it being screens? Yeah, right... If you've seen big fat liar (the original) don't watch this one. If you haven't, go watch the original.
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