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USA, Poland
Drama, Thriller, Music
IMDB rating:
Jason Cortlund, Julia Halperin
JoBeth Williams as Patricia
Preston Corbell as Wedding Guest
Monique Straw as Andrea
Stephanie Ballard as Mother #2
Shayla Allen as Kid in the office
Sophie Reid as Sinaloa
Carlton Caudle as Cousin
Dennis Alcorn as Country Western Dancer
Tanner Beard as Trace
Kenneth Wayne Bradley as Police Officer #2
Storyline: A strange woman comes to Texas to meet her half-sister and stake a claim to the family music legacy-one way or another.
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One of the oddest and most perplexing indies this year.
I have always enjoyed those Flannery O'Connor stories where a visitor "changes things." So, too, is writer/co-director Jason Courtland's (with co-director Julia Halperin) Barracuda, about a young woman, Sinaloa (Sophie Reid), who visits her half sister, Merle (Alison Tolman) in Austin for the first time. Sinaola does change things but not as fast as you might expect nor as clearly as I would like.

However, I may ask too much because family connections are never straightforward, dealing as we do with layers of biology and experience. In Barracuda (the fish depicted on her dad's guitar and an apt metaphor for her), Sinaloa can barely be accepted into the family, even with her talent and knowledge of her deceased dad's music.

Country, bluegrass, and folk music are interwoven with the slow disclosure of the legacies, e.g., dad was "a drunk, a drug addict and a cheater." She's suspected of falsely claiming kinship or arriving to cut herself into the inheritance, which could be considerable given the parcel of land the family owns. Yet, really, most of them, especially her half-sister, are just trying to figure out why she's there and where she's going.

The film is successful not letting us deeply onto Sinaloa's psyche except for a flash of her occasional discomfort at family interactions or Merle's suspicious and unlikable mother, Patricia (JoBeth Williams). Slowly, very slowly, Sinaloa's true character and intentions become clearer. Most everything relates to her exclusion from the family--her resolution is dramatic but not surprising.

No surprise that Bruce Beresford is a producer of this film, he the director of Tender Mercies, a milder rendition of this film's underlying family disabilities. Like bloodline and family in real life, this thriller has few certainties, exacerbated by the visitor who changes things.

If you're patient, you'll enjoy one of the year's oddest and most perplexing indies.
The Equation stands--------Music + Thrill = Barracuda
I don't know whether the title of my review surprises u or not..... I was extremely surprised when i first finished this movie....

Thriller movies are always high rated movies..we can say that. But what this movie shows us is exceptional. Usually thriller movies starts with some mysterical incidents... Runs the whole movie arounds it and finally reveals the mystery... like Fight club, Shutter island and so on ...on...But here thrill is constructed within music.Totally extraordinary plot. I think u will admire this when u will see it yourself.

Two sister Alison Tolman and Sophie Reid have done well in the film.Let me say i haven't spotted Alison Tolman before this movie though i have seen the movie "The Gift".But in this movie she has done some good work.

Sophie Reid is as good as She was in "Beauty and the beast".The two sisters creates foggy atmosphere within the film.Their chemistry mixed with family drama made a reasonable movie for audience.

The movie runs nearly 1 hour and 40 minutes...the whole time will just disappear in front of u. at the end of it u will be satisfied..

There is no complaint about acting...direction..story..etc....etc...

When u have thriller like this in ur hand complaint is the least u can do.
Untamed child
It was a pleasure to see Allison Tolman (Fargo TV season 1) cast in this little indie gem. Although this time I have to give all the props to Sophie Reid with his wild and visceral character. So in the movie, this two sisters grew up in different places and now are meeting for the first time, sharing memories of their peculiar musician father, now deceased. The problem is that as both getting to know each other, you feel some sort of mortal suspense and even danger going on. Mainly because of Sinaloa (Sophie Reid) who has a mysterious behavior that ranges from sweetness to aggressiveness. (Maybe savageness is the best definition. You'll see.) On the other hand, there are moments where she looks quite adorable, like when she is performing gigs at pubs and streets. I wrap it up saying that the movie is all about the psychology of the characters that take us into an uncomfortable territory with some well-placed surprises in the end.
What even is this
Possibly the worst movie that I have ever seen. The main character doesn't sing well and has such an accent that it's uncomfortable to listen to her speak. The movie overall was just bad, and it left you with a horrible cliffhanger. Don't watch this movie!! The movie has many flaws and is just such an uncomfortable movie to watch. Don't watch this movie unless you like cliffhangers.
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