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Zeke Norton, Conrad Helten
Shannon Chan-Kent as Maia / Renee (voice)
Rebekah Asselstine as Bella (voice)
Erica Lindbeck as Barbie (voice)
Nesta Cooper as Gaia (voice)
Alyssya Swales as Chelsea (voice)
Sienna Bohn as Teresa / Countdown Clock (voice)
Sam Vincent as Virus / Squirrels (voice)
Brad Swaile as Kris (voice)
Michael Dobson as Cutie / Video Game Narrator (voice)
Ingrid Nilson as Crystal (voice)
Storyline: Get ready to power up! When BarbieTM magically gets pulled into her favorite video game, she is excited to see she's transformed into a fun roller-skating character. In the game, she meets Cutie, the lovable cloud-shaped friend, and Bella, the roller-skating princess. Together, they soon discover a mischievous emoji is trying to take control of the game. As they travel from level to level, BarbieTM must rely on her amazing gaming skills and out-of-the box thinking to save her team and beat the game!
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Spectacular! BARBITRON
Imagine Barbie in the films TRON and The Last Starfighter. Barbie is a video game player and programmer who gets sucked into her computer to defeat an evil virus. What follows is a crazy, trippy, colourful ride through video game world, full of cool characters and action - but of course there are none of those NASTY violent games where players slaughter images of humans or some other living (or undead) beings.

This film is so much fun, is hugely entertaining all the way through, and looks amazing, with the visuals changing from game to game. There may also be some deeper meanings behind the story and the names used, but as usual it could be interpreted different ways. Highly recommended! :/ ;) :D :O D:
surprisingly liked it
Coming from an avid barbie movie fan I didn't think I would enjoy this movie at all. The corny animation and the emoji virus concept didn't seem right to me.

But when I finally got down to watching this, I actually enjoyed this. I missed the days when Barbie was just a princess and had a prince charming ya know? But the movie actually had me laughing so much! The characters were so funny and I thought it was cool how Barbie could code.

Also If any of the Barbie creators are reading this KEEP MAKING MORE BARBIE MOVIES!!! I absolutely adore them. Coming from a 17 year old, keep doing what you do. :)

They should change the barbie to how she used to look back then!!
I do not like the barbie they use in the 2015-17 movies mostly because the old barbie looks is more realistic and mature. Now, they changed barbie to make her eyes bigger and make her look shorter so she could look more "cartoony". Also, the meaning of the barbie movies these years are horrible, back then there was barbie in the nut cracker, or barbie and the 12 dancing princess. Nowadays barbie isn't even a princess anymore!! I would never let my child watch the barbie movies these days until they do some improving!! Go back to the original barbie!!
Video game Barbie
It is very easy to meet the 'Barbie' films with a lot of dislike and scorn and they are all very lowly rated here (despite some favourable reviews). It is understandable to take issue with the dialogue (a fair few are ropy in this regard), the predictability of the stories, the odd annoying character, the animation in a few (not all are well animated) and whether there is enough for adults to keep interest.

Despite not being the main target audience, to me they are mostly better than given credit for, easy to take them for what they are and don't deserve to be dismissed as baby-ish and for little girls only (a very narrow minded generalisation). Are they animation masterpieces? No. Are they among the best films ever made? Again no. Are they worth watching if taken for what they are? Absolutely for most of them. Most of them look good if not having the polish of studios specialising in computer animation (Pixar for one), often great music, good lessons and messages, a good deal of charm, have their heart in the right place and have entertaining characters well voiced (some had actors of considerable calibre like Tim Curry, Anjelica Huston, Martin Short and Kelsey Grammar, all of them terrific in their respective outings Curry especially) and a likable title character that particularly young girls can relate to.

There are better 'Barbie' films ('Nutcracker', 'Diamond Castle', 'Island Princess', 'Pink Shoes'), but also far worse ('A Fairy Secret', 'A Fashion Fairytale', 'The Princess and the Popstar', 'Princess Power'). 'Barbie Video Game Hero' is much better than its IMDb rating at the moment, it's nothing mind-blowing but it's colourful undemanding fun and credit is due trying to attract a wider audience with a concept (video games) that is very much relevant and a lot of people still enjoy. Is there a preference for the original traditional 'Barbie' films and style? Absolutely.

'Barbie Video Game Hero' is not a film to be seen if expecting depth or originality, something that with me was long ago never things to expect. The dialogue (as with almost all the later 'Barbie' films, and even in the good ones that are not quite among the best) is simplistic and at times forced, even for somebody who doesn't expect a script in a 'Barbie' film to be good. The story is yet another that sees the viewer a step or two ahead of the film in how things are headed with even the messaging at times being a bit repetitive this time round. The characters do lack depth beyond neatly black and white.

However, the animation is quite nice with the lack of the original/traditional look that in general appeals much more than the modern one not being a bother whatsoever. There are some beautiful bright colours (never excessive here), handsome and imaginative backgrounds and the character designs and movements have natural freedom rather than being stiff. It's not exactly imaginative and it's not as polished as Pixar, but when you have computer animation that makes you physically ill like the entire output of Video Brinquedo and Spark Plug Entertainment and the sequels to 'The Swan Princess' (the CGI ones) and 'Alpha and Omega' it's very clear which is better than them and this.

Music is upbeat and fitting, enough to put children and adults alike in a good mood. Nothing generic or too loud or intrusive here. Really enjoyed what was done with the video game concept, there may be not much that's imaginative but the levels are colourful, interesting and fun, the different characters that pop up serve a purpose and are engaging and the emoji virus conflict creates some suspense.

Regarding the story, it is predictable but it is full of energy, cuteness and charm with its heart in the right place the entire time (nothing at all mean spirited). It flies by and the action is very much eventful and rarely repetitive, plus it doesn't feel anywhere near as much of a Hodge Podge of tired ideas like a few of the recent 'Barbie' films have been. Throughout, 'Barbie Video Game Hero' is fun-loving and well-intended.

Characters, even with the lack of depth, are engaging and carry the film well. Barbie is likable and resourceful as ever, as well as smart, serving as a good role model for young girls especially. The chemistry between the characters is great too, as is, beyond the repetition and samey nature of the messages themselves (important messages but have been covered many times previously in the series) the positive messaging that was delivered with the right amount of making-its-point and subtlety.

Voice acting is pretty good and done with a lot of spirit. One may miss Kelly Sheridan, but the new voice actress is a worthy replacement.

In summation, colourful undemanding fun that succeeds in what it set out to do and doesn't try to do anything more, while also lacking in a few elements that have been proved to not be strong suits with the recent 'Barbie' films in the first place. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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