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Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
J.S. Wilson
Jean Smart as Evette
Mario Daggett as Scrapyard worker
Karah Britton as Sarah
Sophie Labelle as Angela
Raam Weinfeld as Lawrence
James Zimbardi as Adam Morris
Andrea Hunt as Christy
Grace Van Dien as Samantha
Angie Dick as Gloria (as Angie Dick)
Emily Somers as Beth
Casey Kramer as Glenda
Jasper Cole as Peter
Skyler Caleb as Jake
Storyline: After the mysterious disappearance of their mother, estranged brothers reunite and discover an unknown supernatural force.
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There hasn't been a good horror movie for so long that I thought even a 5 rating would be okay to watch as in general that's what horror genre gets. Boy I was wrong. First the background music was so out of sync, I mean when you are showing scenery, whats the need of dark music? what could you possibly try to achieve there? Two things are very important for a horror movie, lighting and music. If one fails, movie will not be able to recover. This movie fails in both department. Throughout the movie, we have constant dark and depressing. To give viewers a jolt you don't need to go loud, just change from happy or clam tune to dark and depressing and your works done. There are virtually no element of surprise, although few scare tactics do work. Second, Cast looks flat, they have talent but maybe script didn't help them. The male lead cast had tough time in emoting, but again maybe script didn't help him.A bit of frown would have helped him though. No offense to people who were associated with the project and wish them luck for next time.
Eerie and Unsettling
Instead of relying on gore or excessive jump scares, Awaken the Shadowman takes the time to build atmosphere and story. It dives into the underbelly of suburbia, making you wonder... Is the monster really who you think?

Strong performances by the lead actors, an unsettling score, and a deeply disturbing plot make for a highly enjoyable film.

Fans of slow-burn horror should definitely check this one out.
Rushed ending ruins it
Currently half of the reviews for this movie (the earlier half) are 8-10 stars, while the other half is very low. The high ratings are all from new accounts who have written no other reviews. Hmmmm. This is a pretty good indication that the high ratings are coming from people involved with the film, which I think is really shady. I would have given this 5/10, but am rating it lower to counter the obvious astroturfing.

Anyway, this is an OK indie project that does its best to be eerie/creepy/subtle, and I can appreciate that. No part of this production is Hollywood-grade, but that's not always a bad thing. My main gripe is the rushed ending. It feels like they ran out of time/money and had to wrap it up as quick as possible. There are so many things left open. Not "open to interpretation," but completely ignored. Like parts of the story are missing. Near the end everyone is spouting overly cryptic things at the main character, and he keeps saying, "What are you talking about!?" Then someone says, "Now you know. Now you understand." And he's like, "No actually I don't." This is the moment I really connected with him.

Oh, and then right after that exchange, we flash forward an unspecified amount of time, with no explanation of what happened after the cult did its thing, why it was doing the thing in the first place, or how the guy escaped them and got out of the basement. Roll credits. ...ok thanks?
Worest movie ever
If you read this. Please don't watch this movie!!! If there is a rating with (-) minus score i will give it -100 :( I wasted a precious 1:23:00 minutes of my life watching this shxx!!! No story!!! No acting? No thrill!!! There is totally nothing ... Grrrrrrred

Don't waste your time
Wtf I don't get it
I honestly was confused for most part of the movie. And the ending is the worst. I don't get it at all. Who is that guy?? I don't remember seeing him in any other scenes? Worst movie ever. This is the first time I had to resort to google to try understand a movie. I don't know how much those people got paid to give this more than 1 star. I still can't figure out the meaning to the end of the movie; someone explain please.
Induce vomiting.
Awful direction, sub-par acting, wisp of a plot, painful dialogue, just a mess. Nothing whatsoever is explained, no attempts are made to fix loose ends, there is no resolution to any of the multiple sub-'plots,' the score is uninspired and mixed too loud to establish a proper sense of eeriness, and I think the movie is why I'm constipated.
Whoever gives this a 10 star must be getting paid to do so.
I wouldn't say this movie is awful it has the potential of being really good if it had a seasonal director and film crew, this is obviously done by college students that need to do more camera angles, No minority actors! It is like the cast and its directors are racist and live in a world that at least black people do not exist. Realism, If it is not real then i loose interest! Since the cast is all white it really became unrealistic, Once the script becomes unrealistic I just want to forward through the movie. This movie has the potential of being good but had the wrong actors, Now to the acting, only one guy really acted well and he was the lead actor, the rest of the people did not have any rhythm to the lead actor, I saw 3 deranged ladies standing in one spot from knee level filming and it was not necessary, too many unnecessary shots. The women where not that great looking! the actress had no rhythm with each other like they where picked off the streets like they do for porno's. I hope the writer can take this script into any other major movie company and give it another try. And for the positive reviewers you look completely stupid and untrustworthy, not only you have terrible taste in judging movies your horrible critiques.
A disturbingly suspenseful must-see film!
This horror movie took me by surprise, no blood or gore here, but filled with lots of psychological suspense, which was disturbingly thrilling to watch. I agree with the review from Variety, it most certainly had a "Rosemary's Baby" resemblance to it. The music enhanced the mood and feel throughout the entire film. The actors who played Adam (James Zimbardi) and Lawrence (Raam Weinfeld) stayed in character the whole time and the portrayal of their characters was very believable. The message of this movie really makes you think twice about who you should trust. I believe this is a must see film and I am sure hoping for a sequel!
What a crap show. I can't believe this got a high rating. The movie was slow with bad acting and a story that made no sense. Even at the end of the movie it made no sense. It never explains anything. I was left with a blank face with no idea what I just watched. What a waste of time. Can I have my time back?
No porn
Im regret that I didn't read the review first hand. the disappointment is so severe it got me into this review.

The movie was a total joke. You got us to watch the whole thing while hoping something spooky scene hit in. I need to sign in IMDb for this s@#:'+. The mom's are hot though..
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