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Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Tim Woodward Jr.
Nick Chinlund as Belmonte
Bryant Wood as Prisoner #1
Connor Garelick as Student
Stephen Brown as Father O'Connel
Willow Hale as Beatrice
Emma Rigby as Olivia Rose
Kaiwi Lyman as Jackson Shea
Michele Santopietro as Cynthia Shea
Patrick Kilpatrick as Charlie Rose
Denise Richards as Amanda Tyler
Michael Paré as Martin Bigg
Bruce Dern as Richard Morton
Columbus Short as Ben Woods
Storyline: Fascinated by the root causes of violent behavior, world renowned psychologist, Dr. Amanda Tyler, has an opportunity to interview and analyze death row inmate Jackson Shea. As the interview commences, and Jack's fate hangs in the balance, Amanda must determine whether or not a stay of execution should be granted.
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Great story and movie, come open mind and get the true message!
I am sick of these "theatrical" reviews. This movie is a true in sight of human nature makes a criminal, the powerful message here is the story from boy to death row what made this man a criminal. With that being said, if your intelligent enough to see the true message than I am open to discuss whether it is a great message or not story. However, if your into blockbuster movies that service the mass follower the leader game play, than don't bother. Nor would I impose on the Ebert style of viewing a movie because his power of suggestion for what you should like pov then don't watch it, his followers are of the same caliber. Not saying all blockbusters are bad majority are visual entertainment and for me a great back scene watch while playing words with friends. Very few are at intellect level with exception of some Spielberg and Cameron films that are long awaited for because of their depth, screen play and visualization to capitalize all audiences. So for you few who have the rare quality to see pass imperfections of style casting or whatever "critic"slicing written above then this movie is for you.
All together a Brave and compelling effort.
Giving it 9 'cause I think it looks better.

The developing back story is compelling and very believable. The violence not over gratuitous, actually below what I was expecting, but excellently screenplay directed. Also, it doesn't preach even though the academics play as preachy characters, you're still left with a unique sense of your own judgement, unique in relation to how this particular movie gives you that. The lecture or the message is more played out in the clever characterised background environments. It does not force you to judge people but suggests the modern culture problem without forcing an emotional conclusion. Truly an excellent and inspiring watch. The acting, especially the main protagonist is truly Oscar material or should be. Support also very good indeed, and its great to see Bruce Dern in this movie playing a great role.

I suppose some of the bad reviews relate to pacing, but thats due to reviewers wanting the opposite of what this movie is about and being uncomfortable with the emotional passages, and/or deeper emotional themes delivered very skillfully indeed - with the music score also set in a well disciplined non-over intrusive style, but certainly not bland.

It is a beautiful work. But I do recommend giving it a good watch. If your looking for something to entertain YOU! you may well be disappointed. Having said that - I highly recommend this movie, you may even gain a healing experience or a re-awakening of a very gentle, well measured but strong truthful hope.
Texas is wavering on a execution because it's an election year, so they ask a 'world renowned psychologist' to conduct an interview and make a recommendation - Yeah right. She agrees because it's a good opportunity for her studies in the cycle of violence - Plausible. The 'world renowned psychologist' has her eyes opened and lady bits tingling in 72 hours - Just stop.

How about interviewing a violent offender with nothing to lose? No problem, let's just push this desk up against the bars with electrical cords in reach. Need a light? Here's a Zippo they let me to bring in. Need to build rapport? No problem, I'll start with anger and self-righteousness. Don't like something he says? Wad up some paper and throw it at him. Heard a few stories that got you changing your mind? Stand up against the bars with him like you're the big spoon. Back at the university teaching? Tell us how you feel by glancing wistfully at the Zippo on the lectern.

I chuckled when the guy's love interest was introduced. I'm not sure what was happening with her outfit, but a Goodwill thrift store cried that day. She seemed to be wearing too big business type clothes on top and raggedy underwear looking shorts on bottom. The humor stopped though when she started talking in that awful accent. Her clothes got better, the script and acting didn't. Not sure how much a person can take of a grown woman lounging in a bikini in front of her father, whom she calls daddy, with her chest thrust out. Don't worry, she throws out some range when she pouts and coos at him. Like when daddy offered her up to his body guard. I think it was the movie's attempt at humor. God stop the pain of this script.

2 stars - the cinematography wasn't bad.
Inappropriately named, entertainingly under performs.
When I see a movie with at title that begins 'American' I usually expect to be in for a bit of a treat. I think the makers of this one cottoned on to that and tried to hitch a ride on that bandwagon of success... which is unfortunate because this is really a dull melodramatic attempt at highlighting the issues of the death penalty, which it does very poorly indeed.

I'm not an American, I don't live in a country that has the death penalty, but if I did, I would be wholly appalled that this film tried to deal with such a serious issue in such a haphazard manner. The idea is good but the execution is beyond poor. The acting is terrible and the direction is several orders of magnitude worse. The pacing is wrong the plot is unbelievable and cinematography is dire. I'm not one of those people that says "worst picture I ever watched" or anything stupid like that, as it isn't; not by a long way, but it is still pretty bad in its own right.

The unfortunate thing about this movie is I got the impression that the parties involved, who wanted to bring the issue of 'the death penalty' to light, forgot that they were making a movie to do it. It becomes blatantly obvious by the end of the film (and I'm being totally objective as initially I knew nothing about this film nor what it was about) that this is the sole purpose for its existence, and whilst they may have had good intentions in doing so, a 'political rally' or 'petition' would probably have been a better use of their time.

I'm only surprised that I managed to see it through to the end. I maintained hope through most of the viewing, but buy the time I was 2/3rds through I knew the jig was up. Unfortunately I had already declined the trip to Ikea and had no other real options.

I'm not going to go into detail about the specifics as it isn't really worth it. I'll simply say not worth seeing and leave it at that.
So not recommenced.
Gave it a four as this seems to be the IMDb average. The subject matter is of course important but I am not against the death penalty after all it is meted out by nearly all those who have been sentenced to it. I care not about how civilised a nation feels it is. It is hogwash to care about putting a killer/rapist or whatever to death while bombing weddings in the Middle East. Of course I know they are not all weddings or baby milk factories as in Iraq. Jesus just how much milk was being made there. Did none of them breast feed? Must have thought they were too posh, but in principle those bombing do take out relatively non involved people and as no war is in play that has to be murder. At some level anyway.

A capital punishment film I did enjoy with its twisting plot was the one with Kevin Spacey. The Life of David Gale. Now this had the story about WRONGFUL executions. We in the UK are very aware today about that.In the Christie murders case a man called Evans was hung on the evidence provided by Christie himself. Caught 31 March 1953 executed 15 July 1953 shows that we did not muck around for long. But of course the crocodile tear brigade that loves God Guns and bombing weddings would wish to preserve such lives. Disposing of the trash in society does not diminish real humanity. It does take the bread out of the hard working legal workers and the parasitical hangers on who are paid to make sure that apprehended criminals live lives better than innocent and elderly beings. They do not even see the irony of their good works. The other main movie along the death penalty lines of late was Gene Hackman in The Chamber. Now of course I can not defend the actions of the murdering KKK but I would suggest that most liberals who abhor the notion of the death penalty will be the same colour as the KKK. I would go as far as t suggest that they and the White Supremacists 'same thing' have no place on the Earth that the god fearing 'well the paying lip service anyway' feel was made for the MEEK. I have been put off the idea of watching this. The reviews do help. I have not seen a lower graded film that might have been many points higher and I tend to enjoy what is offered if the attempt has been made to entertain.
absolutely insufferable
First review on IMDb, simply had to come out of the woodwork for this one.

Preface: I gave up about 30 minutes in- the agony was akin to that which half the cast was put through, except mine was real. It was an onslaught of bad.

Nice to see Denise try and breakaway from the bimbo typecast with this 'serious' role, but perhaps it's best she stayed there? Her performance in Bond was Oscar-worthy next to this piece of rubbish. From the very start her lines in this movie (refuse to dub it a film) seemed completely forced, utterly unnatural to her- you can tell that the characters lexicon and train of thought is far removed from Denise's via how unnatural the delivery is.

The lead actor-- you know, the rugged Gosling wannabe-- was painful to watch and actually somehow managed to best Denise in his horrible performance. The acting in the cell scene where he's first introduced to Denise is some of the worst I've ever seen; he was a caricature/mockery of a hodgepodge of our favourite Hollywood bad boys. The whole "tick tock" thing was laughable, as was his attempt to come off as mysterious (or was it more coy?). Seriously, I developed a twitch watching this guy act.

"Martin", the guy who takes him under his wing out of prison was another insufferable casualty of this film. Absolutely deplorable 'acting'. Think "Tony Soprano as a fetus" and you'd still not quite be there. What a joke of a character.

Didn't get far enough to comment on the story. Frankly, it could of been the next Shawshank from a story standpoint, but no way was I gonna' sit through another second of that. The torture in the film is a great analog to how I felt watching it. I don't know whether to fault the director, screenwriter, casting director or actors. Oh, also the CGI...
We are all caged animals
Dr. Amanda Tyler (Denise Richards) lectures on the cycle of violence in America. She is requested by the governor of the state of Texas to examine a case of a man on death row for an assessment for a possible stay of execution. Yea, Texas, sure.

The film is a flashback to the life of Jackson Shay, the man on death row. Jackson was an abused child and then once incarcerated became entrenched in crime. His story is remarkable, like everyone in prison they are either innocent or were justified in their least in their own mind. The film is apparently against the death penalty. Amanda wears red, the same color as Jackson's prison suit. We see them both through cage bars giving us the impression we are all in cages and violence sets us free.

2 stars because I am crushing on Denise Richards.

Guide: F-word. Sex. Prison rape. Make butt nudity.
Why the poor reviews!
I just watched this on Netflix and never heard of it before. It was a great story and the characters were strong! My ONLY complaint - blonde women do NOT have black eyebrows. Other than that - it was very well acted! Imagine being in this man's shoes...would you do that same? I would.
Gave it a Shot.
The funny thing is the most interesting part of this film was the beginning scene when the older man(Bruce Dern) was arguing with his wife about her choice of menu plan for his meal. Once that scene was over the movie went down hill for me. Like many comments and reviews I feel like this move failed to pick what it wanted to be. Is it a social study on human behavior and violence. Necessary or unnecessary need for the death penalty or just a crime drama? Either way this film does not deliver in either area. This film might could have been better had it not tried to take itself to seriously especially when it was unable to entertain or keep my attention no matter what direction they decided to go in. My suggestion if you are on Netflix skip this film and watch Amber Alert not a perfect film but it will keep your attention.
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