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Crime, Drama
IMDB rating:
Tony Kaye
Edward Norton as Derek Vinyard
Edward Furlong as Danny Vinyard
Beverly D'Angelo as Doris Vinyard
Avery Brooks as Dr. Bob Sweeney
Jennifer Lien as Davina Vinyard
Ethan Suplee as Seth Ryan
Stacy Keach as Cameron Alexander
Fairuza Balk as Stacey
Elliott Gould as Murray
Guy Torry as Lamont
William Russ as Dennis Vinyard
Joseph Cortese as Rasmussen (as Joe Cortese)
Jason Bose Smith as Little Henry (as Jason Bose-Smith)
Storyline: Derek Vineyard is paroled after serving 3 years in prison for killing two thugs who tried to break into/steal his truck. Through his brother, Danny Vineyard's narration, we learn that before going to prison, Derek was a skinhead and the leader of a violent white supremacist gang that committed acts of racial crime throughout L.A. and his actions greatly influenced Danny. Reformed and fresh out of prison, Derek severs contact with the gang and becomes determined to keep Danny from going down the same violent path as he did.
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Smart Lead Character ...
The one reason to watch this movie is for the acting - it is intense - esp. concerning the lead character.

The lead character is immediately interesting because he has a good mind - he is bright, clever, consistent and intense. He is impressionable yet searching for his own answers.

From this character, we see how it is possible to uncover deep understandings - not about others, but about one's own self. Watching the lead character go through this process is what makes this movie so interesting.

The rest of the movie doesn't quite match the interest level of the lead character, but it is still good. Because it involves racial tensions and Nazi references, it's easy to get drawn into the story quickly. Overall, I recommend watching the movie.
Controversial, Violent, Explicit and Dark drama. But does it connect? And is it all intentional?
Original Score: 0.5/4 Movie: **1/2 (2.5/5) Quality: *1/2 (1.5/5)

Notice: This film is BANNED in Malaysia. I discovered a imported DVD copy in my school Library which is authorized by the government for educational purposes. That's how I came to view the film for myself. However… I can see why it is banned.

What's the film's purpose? To talk about all of that serious stuff? To talk about racism? To talk about violence? To talk about family? To talk about the relationship between two brothers (A short summary of the film will tell you about the brotherly relationship between the two main leading characters.)? Actually, the filmmakers's intentions are questionable. What's the purpose of the creation of this film? We cannot tell absolutely, except perhaps through interviews. However, when we want a film to talk about certain themes, it has to be done in a balanced way. Not way over the top (Which this film is.). Schindler's List (1995) is an example, but perhaps not American History X (1998). I watched quietly, without enjoying myself or feeling offended. Because the only reason that I wanted to examine the film, was to analyze it in detail. What I saw and thought about the film shall be described in detail in the paragraphs below.

The film's screenplay was by David McKenna, I wondered about plenty of the dialogue used in the film. All written by the film's script writer and said by the actors. A former Neo- Nazi Skinhead tries to prevent his brother from going down the same path as he did. I actually felt that many moments of the film rather strange, explicit, and finally, questioning it's intentions. Some feels out of place and unnecessary. It's got extreme language and disturbing violence, but does it connect? Look at all of that stuff, the opening sequence, the disturbing curb stomping scene, the things about racism, the plot and so on and so forth. What's with all the language? Certainly I braced and defended myself against all of that content, but as I said, it doesn't offend me (I mentally defended myself, but was never nervous.), neither does it let me enjoy myself. Don't learn any of that stuff, though, it's bad.

I braced myself for extreme explicit content, for I have read the content advisory and some of the plot long before my viewing of the film in the school library. The violence and language, it does tone down at times, especially at the "Family Moments". Sure, that's the good points, however there are many bad points as well. I DID see and hear a lot of profanity within the film,(First time I heard this much of the F word used in a movie) which can offend many people. I wasn't entirely because my mental defenses fended off every single insult. Unless utilized for the purpose of talking about themes, profanity cannot be used for it's potential of sparking controversy, and also offending people. 12 Years A Slave (2013) or To Kill A Mockingbird (1962), are two of the films that utilize dialogue to deliver powerful and impactful messages about serious issues and offering a look into them, at the same time expressing themes about them. Not American History X (1998) with all of it's seriously offensive profane words, used perhaps MOSTLY for entertainment purposes only. (Mostly doesn't mean none, but that little bit seems to be completely covered up by entertainment and profanity.) Over 200 uses of the F word? It's too much. Not just the F words, there's also other uses of racial slurs. Racism seems to be what the film is talking about, or so it seems. Racism of Blacks against white people? I dare not talk about racism, except that what Atticus Finch had said: "...all men created are equal.". No matter which side we are, respect other races, people of different skin colors from us. I'm not white, I'm Chinese. Meantime, I felt that the intention was more scaled towards entertainment rather than themes. Unlike 12 Years a Slave (2013) or To Kill a Mockingbird (1962).

Reminding myself that this is acting and filmmaking, I doubt that this could be great filmmaking, considering it's questionable intentions, it's writing, it's acting. How does it all add up? What does it all add up to? What's the purpose? Some of it seems to be there, but it feels like an illusion, and a real thing. I doubt that the intentions of the film is to depict racism, considering all of that swearing and stuff. It looks powerful, but it doesn't really work due to the offensive content and mixed (and questionable) intentions that the filmmakers have. Other people in our country wouldn't have the opportunity to view this film, and I think that the best thing is to keep away from it. If you would like to give it a go, don't forget this term: "Guilty Pleasure". Because I read up about the film (And the content advisory on IMDb), I knew what's in the film and I wasn't surprised nor offended. I defended myself, and while you shouldn't forget what I said above, I've basically could easily forget much of the film's sequences. (And it's offensive dialogue, almost none of which was memorable.) Those memories of horror and guilty enjoyment lost instantly like tears in the rain.

If it were made with good intentions and emptiness of profanity. It could have been a great film(Purposes of depictions, remember what I said earlier?). But the result feels messy, dark, but not entirely empty. It's mostly the language that's the offensive part, the rest is some of the disturbing violence. Still, there are other worse ones out there, but don't get me started about them for my country has very strict media censorship. Refer to the opening notice as to how I got to view this film for myself. What do you think? That's entirely up to you.
One of the most over-rated movies of all-time.
This movie is supposed to be realistic, yet fails on a number of occasions, and that alone should be enough to bump it out of a top 250 list.

When Norton split from his gang in prison, the opposing gang would've at least beat him. In reality, his laundry room friend not only wouldn't have been able to help him, but he wouldn't have ever associated with Norton in the first place.

When Norton's ex-gang was chasing him and his brother, they would have inevitably caught up to them and at least beat them, yet a shoddy decision was made to make the crowd simply vanish at the flick of a frame. Very lame, and very obvious.

When a game of basketball is played between the skinheads and the blacks to stake claim over some territory, and the blacks lose, they simply walk away angrily as if something is really stopping them. Hokey.

The kid shoots the other kid in a school restroom because he blew smoke in his face. Not only does he decide to do this in the middle of a school day, in school, but he just stands there after he shoots him. I understand why, but again, very unrealistic.

There are all sorts of unrealisms like that throughout the movie. The list is quite long. Aside from that, Norton's acting was good, but most of the rest of the acting in the movie was done by actors who just couldn't handle it.

This movie has probably gotten such praise because of the subject matter, combined with: lots of drama and tragedy and hope this and reformation that, plus Edward Norton, who is himself a good actor, but still highly over-rated.

To sum this up, American History X was an oversimplification and consistently unrealistic.
American history x
Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) returns from prison to discover that his younger brother, Danny (Edward Furlong), has been following in his footsteps, living the neo-Nazi life of racism and violence that landed Derek in prison. However upon Dereks return from prison, his fellow Hitler-worshippers notice a change in his behaviour and realise that Derek is free from the hatred he harboured for the people 'invading' his neighbourhood. The task that lies before Derek is to convince Danny to see the errors of his ways before it is too late. An awesome movie delivered by an excellent cast, a definite classic. There is quite a lot of violence... a lot of people object to the curb scene, but it is not particularly shocking, and not a film to miss because of it. This movie has one of the best endings you will ever see, it will bring you close to tears!
An excellent movie, and one that you must watch
Danny Vinyard, a fervent follower and fan of his older brother, Derek, opens this film's plot with a telling determination for Neo Nazism. After their father's death, Derek translates all this rage into hatred toward minorities, arguing that America was meant for white people and no other race. Due to his impressive will, he is picked up by Cameron to head the local white power movement... where his hate triples. Such is the case that his inner hate leads him to brutally and callously assassin a powerless man... and thus a prison sentence.

Three years later, Danny, now a transformed white supremacist awaits impatiently for his brother's return as he desperately needs his brother's love and guidance for a more unified white power monolith. Little did he know something happened to Derek in that prison that changed his life completely. Derek must now do all that he can in order to save his town from the violence of hatred that he once bestowed upon.

**************************** COMMENTS *********************************

The plot was very well constructed, it was meaningful and representative of our everyday life. This movie was by no means predictable like the other 99% of movies that Hollywood comes out with. For once, it seemed as though the director and the writer of the script put serious thought into this one.

The acting was incredible! I can't stress that enough, especially Edward Norton. I always depicted him to be a weak, nice guy. Not here. He completely surprised me, and in a pleasant way. He depicts the evil side of the human race with a very close resemblance, if not identical. His change from hate to love was also amazing, one which I haven't seen an actor do in a long time. I seriously cannot find any flaws in the cast. Everyone fits their roles perfectly.

If you have not watched this movie, I strongly urge you to watch it, in fact, I beg you to go watch it. This movie does a great job in simultaneously portraying racism in its rawest and most complete form. I must warn, however, that it's a very strong movie, but at the same time represents our modern society perfectly, and it is this latter aspect that makes the film a drop-dead gorgeous masterpiece (I know, it's redundant, but that's how good this movie is). A definite must see!!!
Absolutelty awesome!
This movie blew me away. I had heard of it a while ago but never got round to watching it. I cant tell you how glad i am that i did. First off, Ed Norton - already one of my favourite actors - is absolutely flawless in his portrayal of a Neo-Nazi (Derek) who gets locked up for murdering two black thieves. When he comes out he realises what he has done to himself and his family, which includes a superb Edward Furlong of Terminater 2 fame. Told through his eyes the story flashes back to the incidents that lead Dereks incarceration and the impact it has on him. Also featuring excellent performances from Ethan Suplee and Fairuza Balk this film is the cream of the crop. If you haven't seen i suggest you do - quick. But be sure you can handle plenty of profanity (the word f**k is used 205 times) and some disturbing and brutal violence.
Abrupt ending somewhat ruins it for me
Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) is a neo-Nazi skinhead who gets sent to prison after he brutally murders the black hooligans that try to steal his car. The movie jumps between timelines following his and his younger brother's lives both before, during and after the prison sentence, as Derek learns to question his commitments to the white supremacy cause.

It's a skillful movie, no doubt about it. The non-linear chronology allows us to slowly learn about Derek and see what caused him to change. His younger brother Danny (Edward Furlong) also functions as an important character and a message about the cyclic nature of hate. Derek learned to hate from his father and in time taught Danny to hate. Now it's up to him to teach Danny to accept.

The movie is also shot really well. The cinematography is brisk and clean, and the numerous black-n-white scenes give the film a style of its own. The non-linearity is handled well and the story is easy to follow. However, the movie does end a bit abruptly in my mind. And on a note I'm still not quite sure whether I like or not. On the surface it seems to undermine the whole message of the film, but on the other hand you could also see it as a final test. Nevertheless, I do think there could have been a better way to end the film, but I'm sure I'm on the minority in this.

It's still a great film to check out. Personally, if I wanted to recommend a film about a neo-Nazi redeeming himself, I'd go with Dome Karukoski's Heart of a Lion. But that's a much more obscure film.
Brilliant Eye-Opener
Every now and then one of those films comes along and just blows you away. American History X is one of those films.

Set in Venice Beach, in the Neo-Nazi skinhead neighbourhood of LA. You have two brothers Derek (Edward Norton) and Danny Vinyard (Edward Furlong) whose father was killed putting out a fire in a black neighbourhood. Their father's death estranged them into believing everyone none white-protestant is scum. One night after winning a game of basketball, two blacks try to steal Derek's car in the middle of the night, Danny hears and tells his brother, who is the right out there with a gun in his hand. Where he kills one of them, and performs one of the most disturbing deaths in cinematic history to the other. Derek is put away to prison for three years, where he meets Lamont (Guy Torry, who gives an excellent performance) a black laundry worker who gives him a speech that makes him see that his beliefs were wrong. He returns from prison a changed man, but isn't pleased to see that his brother has followed in his footsteps. And is being brainwashed by Seth (The amazing Ethan Suplee) and shady gang leader Cameron Alexander (Stacy Keach). And Derek goes about to stop this.

American History X is a mind blowing assault on the senses and the mind. And gives out a powerful message. Although at times it seems like it is trying too hard to put across that message to the audience. Edward Norton is fantastic as the Neo-Nazi skinhead, and in my opinion should have got the Oscar at the Academy Awards. Also lookout for Ethan Suplee his performance as Obese, racist, basketball player is a very different role from the slow-witted Randy in My Name Is Earl, and is also outstanding.

The films message is that racial prejudice is pointless and life is too short to hate people because of their skin colour, my hope and most probably the writers hope is that this message got through to some people.

9/10 Magnificent film, only thing that lets it down slightly is that it tries to hard to touch upon it's basis, but apart from that: Incredible, definitely worth a watch. (Maybe even a few watches).
What goes around comes around
Evocative and controversial film deals with a neo-Nazi (Norton) whose life spirals out of control when he's incarcerated for his crimes, and discovers that the road to redemption is not going to be without collisions, irrespective of his contrition and new found respect. Furlong, as his kid brother, idolises Norton and follows him into the false promise of hatred, only to find he's been led astray and faces an even more arduous return from the brink, if he gets that opportunity.

Some interesting commentary concerning the seemingly innocuous origins of racism, how it incubates through adversity and is then practiced by naivety; a condition to be pitied rather than to fuel reverse hatred. Norton is perhaps too accomplished for the material he's given, because despite the film's sombre tone, it's still clichéd and pretty simplistic in its resolutions.

There's plenty of shock value in the beatings and sodomy on offer, but in my opinion, these are milestones in a weak plot that's only vying for conventional pathos. Not strictly the same angle, but I thought "Romper Stomper" was a more atmospheric and seemingly realistic portrayal of the neo-Nazi lifestyle in modern society, sans the Hollywood gloss.
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