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Tripp Weathers
Brad Stocker as Dale
John Paul Sales as Hooper
Kate Tumanova as Caroline
Sicily Fontaine as Young Caroline
Arun Kapoor as Rivera
Jhana Parits as Tawny
Jessica Morris as Janelle
Luke Wright as Deputy Doug
Storyline: After narrowly surviving a harrowing possession, Damon Richter was left with abnormal abilities that allow him to help those fellow souls similarly tormented. Damon has embraced these powers for good until a routine exorcism goes terribly wrong forcing his family to suffer greatly. Thinking he left the world of possessions, exorcisms, and evil behind him, he must now use these skills to save his estranged daughter.
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Dark is my Favorite Time
This is an American exorcism as opposed to those un-American exorcisms performed by whiny liberals. Damon (Michael Filipowich) is a semi-possessed veteran of Afghanistan. He is about as decent as a husband and father as a man with a Mohawk and tattoo on his skull. His wife Janelle (Jessica Morris) brings out the demon in him, true in many relationships. When Damon is not at home he is with his buddy Padre (William McKinney) beating the devil out of someone...and then having tea. Then an incident happens at 28 minutes then we jump 10 years into the future with Damon having hair and surfing, still semi-possessed (seems some old man in Afghanistan only knew part of the exorcism spell...I'm not making this up.) Now Caroline, (Kate Tumanova) Damon's daughter is about to turn 18...almost as much fun as when the Olsen twins turned 18. Demons can only fully possess a teen when they turn 18, which they didn't even attempt to explain. Damon to the rescue.

The feature had a few good scenes and some good tunes. There were a lot of "so bad it is good" scenes which caused a laugh and a few scenes which were just plain bad. Damon speaks in tongues very poorly. It sounds like the words I use when I pretend like I know karate. He made me laugh when I wasn't supposed to laugh. The special effects are glowing eyes and mouth. The acting and dialogue were pretty sad. There were times it appeared they were using swear words for the sake of using swear words. They didn't seem comfortable using the female C-word about the third or fourth time. Deputy Doug? Seriously? Guide: F-word. Sex. Nudity.
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