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Drama, Romance
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Sam Mendes
Kevin Spacey as Lester Burnham
Annette Bening as Carolyn Burnham
Thora Birch as Jane Burnham
Wes Bentley as Ricky Fitts
Mena Suvari as Angela Hayes
Chris Cooper as Col. Frank Fitts, USMC
Peter Gallagher as Buddy Kane
Allison Janney as Barbara Fitts
Scott Bakula as Jim Olmeyer
Sam Robards as Jim Berkley
Barry Del Sherman as Brad Dupree
Ara Celi as Sale House Woman #1
John Cho as Sale House Man #1
Fort Atkinson as Sale House Man #2
Storyline: Lester and Carolyn Burnham are, on the outside, a perfect husband and wife in a perfect house in a perfect neighborhood. But inside, Lester is slipping deeper and deeper into a hopeless depression. He finally snaps when he becomes infatuated with one of his daughter's friends. Meanwhile, his daughter Jane is developing a happy friendship with a shy boy-next-door named Ricky, who lives with an abusive father.
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American Ugly
Much-praised film about a man facing mid-life crisis in suburbia, dreaming of playing Humbert Humbert to a Lolita that is his daughter's friend. There is only one word to describe this film: pretentious. Mendes thinks he is making the Great American Motion Picture but it is populated with cookie-cutter characters and it superficially touches on what the filmmakers regard as important themes. The acting is mediocre at best. Spacey gives the kind of performance that the Academy loves and awarded him with the Oscar but his acting here can be best described as mugging. Benning does not fare much better as his desperate wife.
The zenith of self-consciously pseudo-profound inanity!
Someone put it best in one of the reviews I read earlier: This movie is exactly the result of people trying to make a so-called art movie and still win the best picture oscar. American Beauty shamelessly trots out every imaginable convention of what an art movie is and then glosses it over with cute shooting, a relatively short run time and face pace. It says virtually nothing about any of the supposedly unusual or profound content that ostensibly is its subject matter. Apparently issues of would-be gravity making cameo apperaances constitutes a profound social comment. It is a great jumble of clichés (spoilers here maybe): The neurotic wife, the homophobic army man (That he turns out to be gay is not of any consequence since anything serious is not given attention in the film, it is a cute afterthought. Though it would be a serious point if this movie had anything to do with reality)The white collar dick with a mid-life crisis, the artist who sees beauty where no one else can, the pretending promiscuous cheerleader. Are there any characters that aren't stock? I cant believe anyone commented that this is in any way realistic. This is not a portrayal of of American life. In reality the teenager with an abusive psychotic homicidal father does not have 40,000$ and cannot conveniently run away to his friends in NYC. The middle-aged man unjustly fired from his job does not conveniently have information he can use to blackmail his bosses for 60,000$ and live happily ever after. Living in a duplex as a teenager is nothing resembling duress; that would be living on less that one U.S. dollar a day as millions of people do. This could easily qualify as propaganda: When you are rich you dont have to worry, your problem is only that you are not looking "beneath the surface" to see the true hedonistic beauty that life is really made of. Well I agree that this beauty does exist. Unfortunately though I am going to burst the bubble of one of the supposedly most profound scenes in the movie: The plastic bag. Look closer, they say, and you will see the beauty in reality. Yes! but this is not reality! Plastic Bags do not blow in circles for 15 minutes. That scene could practically never have occurred in nature; Im sorry I did look closer and it was so obviously being manipulated off camera that it was absurd. That sums up the movie fairly: Look at what we call beauty, we say it is natural but we are really manipulating it. If wind machines (or whatever they are technically called) are really the wind then this movie is really based in reality. Sam Mendes and Alan (whatever his last name is, the writer) are daring the viewer to be as dumb and gullible as they hope they can be. And to my amazement they succeed. If we throw together a whole bunch of artistic clichés and it doesnt make sense to you then you are dumb. Anyone who has a modicum of sanity and any concept of criticism has seen this movie as the charade it is and I stand firmly in their camp. I literally exclaimed out loud (though I was by myself) "What the F**k??!!" at the beginning when Kevin Spacey says "In a way I am already dying (paraphrased)". It is the zenith of self-consciously pseudo-profound inanity.

Disclaimer for the inflammatory nature of this post: This is really just intended to be a rant as I am insensed at how many people cant see this movie for what it really is. I am not trying to analyze this movie in a deliberate or cogent way. If any wants me to argue more clearly then email me. And you will get a more thoughtful earful than this.
No words fit to describe this movie
This movie is the first one I have written a review for, because it is the one that means the most to me.

No word in the English language can give enough praise to do this film justice. I could write a whole book about the significance and meaning of every artistic shot, of every remarkable performance, and every event and still not capture the essence of this movie.

The truth is that this is the most complete portrayal of human emotion and interaction I have ever seen. It encompasses every aspect of mankind; from jealousy and intolerance, to romance and happiness. Every single aspect of each scene has a meaning and message, and if your mind is open, then this movie will affect you in so many ways.

On a more technical note, this movie is not only superbly written, but executed flawlessly. Kevin Spacey gives the performance of the century, hitting every nuance of his character with grace and style. In a lesser movie, his performance would have been the sole reason to watch. Yet this is not the case. Annette Benning also shines with her portrayal of a troubled housewife that is nothing short of Oscar-worthy. The musical score also stands out as a fantastic attribute of the experience; not overpowering, yet still just as relevant.

I could go on and on about the flawless cinematography and lighting effects and such. But I can sum that all up in a different manner: "There is no bad aspect of this film." Everything works together to perfection to provide the most outstanding movie of this age.

"American Beauty" is quite simply the most significant film of its time. Yet this movie also transcends time to provide an emotional and thought-provoking experience for years to come.
Powerful film
What can I say that hasn't already been said? This movie was one of the funniest yet most disturbing movies I have seen in a long time. Kevin Spacey gives what may be his best performance (yes, I thought he was better in this than the Usual Suspects). The directing was top notch and all the other acting was terrific. I think this movie paints a good picture as to who we are as people. Not everyone in this world is a perfect, good looking person, and this movie plays on that notion. Everyone should go see American Beauty.
Look closer...oops! Too close!
This piece of sitcommy, cliche-ridden claptrap is just smart enough on its surface for the middlebrow Academy to pimp it for a Best Picture Oscar. But anyone with half a brain will see through this tired male fantasy pretty soon. Mendes shows us a Edward Scissorhands-type of suburbia: perfect lawns, identical homes, etc... We are expected to know (since we've seen ES, Ice Storm, Happiness, Serial Mom, etc.) that these people must lead shallow, empty lives - look where they live! And... they do! This is just the first of many obvious themes that we have seen so many times before. And we haven't even reached Spacey's character's midlife crisis yet. (Surprise! He falls in sexual lust with a gorgeous high-school blonde. Sooooo subversive! Look closer, and you'll find even more cliches.) Spacey's wife is, predictably, a self-centered shrew who won't satisfy him sexually but cooks delicious nutritious dinners and sells (surprise) real estate. His daughter is a misfit (wow!) with whom he can't connect. The new kid on the block (of course there is one) is a weird, sensitive (but handsome) loner type (shocker) who (believe it or not) falls for Spacey's moody daughter. Don;t even ask about the gay neighbors. Mendes does nothing but condescend to his characters, his setting, and above all, the audience. Positives: Thora Birch is terrific and lovely; Mena Suvari is breathtakingly beautiful, and the plastic bag sequence is affecting. Pretentious c***.
Very-Very-Very "American Ugly", If You Ask Me
*May Contain Spoilers*

Critics be damned - American Beauty has got to be one of the most despicable depictions of male, mid-life crisis that has ever been filmed.

If Kevin Spacey's character, Lester Burnham, was supposed to actually represent an average, 42 year-old, American male in mid-life crisis, then I believe that our society, in general, is in even more trouble than I had originally thought. Burnham was, basically, nothing but a big, self-centered baby.

I was truly astounded to see just how utterly slimy that Burnham was in his day-to-day dealings with other people. For starters, to terminate his employment at the advertising firm, Burnham actually stooped to threatening his boss with blackmail and exposing him as a homosexual, even though the guy wasn't even a homosexual, at all.

Lester Burnham, a low-life, pedophilliac bugger, who lusted like a grunting pig after 16 year-old girls, deserved the crappy job that he chose for himself at MacDonalds. Being a crummy, little burger-flipper was so him.

Even though I don't condone cold-blooded murder, I certainly felt no remorse for Burnham when he was gunned down by Frank Fits. In a sense, he bloody-well had it coming.

One can only shudder to think of how many other people's lives that Burnham would have eventually contaminated had he continued to remain alive. At the rate that he was going I'm sure that he would have inevitably resorted to exposing himself in public, or molesting very young children, or something as equally vile as that.

I find it very-very peculiar, indeed, that American Beauty actually struck such a unanimously positive chord with a vast number of the movie-going public. I guess that these many viewers must've strongly identified with the screwed-up characters and off-kilter situations that were presented in this movie. I surely didn't feel that way.

All-in-all, I certainly saw nothing in American Beauty that even slightly resembled that of "beauty" (above or below the surface). It was all looking pretty ugly to me.

What more can I say?
A glorification of the destruction of the American family.
Hollywood used to give Oscars to films of consequence, to films which ambitiously told stories of real people rising above strife and issues which touched the core of the world. But that was during the golden age of movie making when Andy Hardy's mother would smile simply because he asked for another piece of pie and Fred Astaire would gallantly guide Ginger Rogers around the dance floor. When movies about serious issues such as alcoholism, mental illness and anti-Semitism came in, one movie mogul apparently described it with the statement about realism, "So is diarrhea, but I don't want to see it on screen."

Yes, we can see through our daily lives that "focus on the family" is an overstated attempt by certain groups to diminish the realism that families do fail, and not with the help of the groups they don't see eye to eye with. In theatrical drama, this evidence goes back to some of the classics of the American theater, particularly plays by Tennessee Williams and Edward Albee, and those plays hold up strongly today because the elements of why those families were failing were better detailed. Even the black comedy "The War of the Roses" showed us the motivations behind the hatred, but all "American Beauty" does is show us that men are sex starved pigs, that women are bitches, that teenagers are messed up because of their sex starved fathers and bitchy mothers and that there's no hope for the future generation.

Certainly, this film is excellent as far as the acting is concerned, yet the characters are all extremely creepy and unlikable. Nobody plays creepy weirdos better than Kevin Spacey, and in spite of being that creepy weirdo, his character is actually somewhat understandable, albeit in a pathetic, you can't help but feel sorry for him sort of way. His lust for his nasty daughter's best friend is at first "ikky" to watch as is his obsession with getting out of the job that he hates with a high paid exit benefit package. Annette Bening is certainly great at playing neurotic bitches, and here she does so quite brilliantly with passive/aggressive gusto. She's quite sweet and somewhat phony with the gay couple next door, yet she turns on her husband with the venom of a cobra towards a mongoose. The sex scene she has with rival real estate agent Peter Gallagher is filmed with a lustful anger, as if what Gallagher is doing to her she is psychologically doing to her husband.

Thora Birch expresses typical teenaged bitterness and insecurities with the violent thud of an anvil being dropped from a skyscraper. She not only hates her parents, but is totally embarrassed by having them around, especially after a basketball game for which she is a cheerleader. Birch's character certainly doesn't have the personality of a cheerleader; In fact, on the court, she can't even force herself to crack a smile and just goes through the routine as if she was being forced at gunpoint to do what most teenaged girls would give their I-Phone (well, maybe not...) to do.

Mena Suvari, as her cheerleader pal, is probably the most complex character here, the typically self-centered supposedly perfect girl who actually is more insecure than she lets on. In one disturbing fight scene between Birch and Suvari, her vulnerability really explodes when Birch refers to her as ordinary. How many times has somebody longed to tell off the cheerleader type to try and break their spirit, and when it happens here, it really turns out to be sad. Wes Bentley is the new kid next door, the son of an ex-Marine (a truly scary Chris Cooper), forced by his dad to take a drug test every six months. But unbeknownst to the homophobic Cooper, Bentley has a secret life of his own, a hidden supply of drugs and an obsession with filming everyone around him without their knowledge.

Cooper's angry Marine is instantly incensed to find out that the neighbors two doors down is a male gay couple, but this homophobia hides something truly disturbing. Not only is there his obsession with Nazi memorabilia but his own underlying sexuality and abuse of his fragile wife (played with quiet strength by the always excellent Allison Janney). The lives of these characters intertwine to the point of an exploding volcano, a sinking ship without lifeboats, and really, the best escape from this mess turns out to be Spacey's fate. At two hours, this is a depressing and exhausting view of the messed up lives of humans too stupid to realize that they are responsible in most part for their inner destruction. After this was over, I felt as if I had been shot with a taser gun all over my body and needed extensive therapy just to recover from watching these people whom I hope never to know become more and more pathetic.
Funny, Sad, Dark and Deep...All in 1 Film. One of my favorite Kevin Spacey Films
In his directorial debut, Sam Mendes took home five Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best director for American Beauty. American Beauty is a dark comedy that takes place in a perfect suburban neighborhood with what is supposed to represent the perfect suburban family, on the surface, but what lies underneath proves otherwise.

Kevin Spacey brilliantly portrays Lester Burnham, an unhappy husband who undeniably has no control of what goes on in his personal and professional life. His wife drives him to and from work and views him as a colossal failure and very peculiar. His voice-over in the beginning of the film confirms that he will be dead in less than a year. He also feels in some ways, he is already dead. When Lester attends his daughter Jane's (Thora Birch) cheerleading performance with his overbearing and controlling wife Carolyn, played by Annette Bening, he develops an unlikely obsession with his daughter Jane's friend Angela Hayes (Mena Suvari) and decides to turn his life around. He begins to fantasize regularly about Angela, quits his job, bribes his boss for $60,00, pursues a fast food career, works out and even smokes marijuana he buys from the new neighbor boy Ricky Fitz, played by Wes Bently.

As the movie progresses, the dark humor as well as a sense on sadness for the characters takes over the viewer. Carolyn, Lester's wife, has an affair with her real estate competitor, The Real Estate King Buddy Kane (Peter Gallagher), and continues to unknowingly push her only daughter further away. Carolyn always appears to be very put together, right down to her pruning shears matching her clogs, but she has several breakdowns throughout the film. Jane is disturbed and disgusted by Angela's flirty behavior towards her dad, yet she continues to invite her to sleepovers. Jane also has self-image issues because her mom accuses her of purposely looking unattractive so this rebellious teen is saving her money for a breast augmentation. The neighbor Ricky videotapes the Burnham family daily in an effort to escape his own reality, focusing quite a bit on Jane who he tapes because she's intriguing. Ricky lives with his marine father Col. Frank Fitz USMC (Chris Cooper) who runs his family like the military. Col. Fitz tests Ricky for drugs and abuses him when he feels his son is disobeying the orders and morals of the family. What Ricky doesn't know is his father has a dark secret he also has been covering as well.

Sam Mendes created this masterpiece by minimizing the editing on the intense scenes and having the camera slowly focus in on the character or characters at that time. Typically, the scenes allow for the mood to be clearly represented because they focus in on the character's faces and expressions. The music in this film also plays a key role in allowing for smooth transitions from scene to scene. The music in this film is soft and subtle, it's whimsical and eerie, and it is also exotic and sensual. The music becomes the invisible sound throughout, allowing a deeper focus on the emotions and the moods of each of the characters.

An unfortunate turn of incidents in infidelity, sexuality confusion, complete miscommunication and assumption of circumstances cause this family and their neighbors to spiral out of control, some even to the point of no return. This movie ranks high on the must see list but not based solely on the script. The music, feelings, humor and drama make this an interesting film with twists and turns you may not see coming. It is Kevin Spacey's voice-over at the beginning and the end of American Beauty though, that set clarity to the entire mood and tone of the film. The deep, dark secrets of suburban life that are apparent in American Beauty are similar to those in Little Children (2006). Little Children also represents a story of infidelity, relationships, fantasies and controlling spouses. These movies send a strong message that everyone has a battle they are fighting and based on that, you should not judge people because you may have know idea who they really are or what they may be going through.
a very well done film that continues to amaze me...
When I first saw this movie in theaters, I found it to be very funny. When I rented it at home, I found it to be very sad and complex. Looking at it now, I realize that it is surely one of the most extraordinary films ever to come out of Hollywood. To some it may look trite or cliched, or maybe too un-ordinary to be worthy of its praise, but the overall impact of this film is extremely powerful. After you've seen it, you know you've seen something.

A few notable elements stand out. The direction is superb; this is visually a superior film, for the director understands the subtle changes in tone. The writing is equally compelling; the story effortlessly interweaves multiple stories to create one amazing movie. The haunting music is also notable. Lastly is the acting. Kevin Spacey has done excellent films before, and he can add this one to the list. He may be a little to witty to suggest the overshadowed character he portrays, but he simply disappears into the role. Annette Bening is also fine; a less strong role, but she is magnificent none the less. As the teenagers, Thora Birch is able to mesmerize us with one intense look; her "typical teenager" role is fleshed out completely. I enjoyed Mena Suvari's character equally. It seemed that she did not receive as much acclaim, but her performance evokes both innocence and experience, and her scenes toward the end give her a depth unlike any other character. And Wes Bentley, as the video-taping boy next door, is easily the most original character. At first he seems a little tense, but, like Spacey, he sinks into the role. His "purpose" in the film, unlike anyone else's, is a mystery, thus making him the most enigmatic person.

Most films are able to make a lasting impression on its audience, but never has a movie been known to "move" its viewers as much as this movie. It truly says something about life, no matter how predictable or tacky it appears, this film disturbingly shows us how to appreciate our individual lives, so therefore, when they are over, we each have something to remember.
Hang Ups For Breakfast!!!!
Why don't we live in Westport!!, My wife is the one with the balls in the family, I have the hots for my daughter's friend, Some homophobic Neo-Nazi kissed me on the lips, I'll have an affair with a business mentor, I hate my parents because that's what everybody in suburbia does. This only begins to comprise the cacophony of quirks that this family expounds on!! A mid-life crisis occurs when the most exciting thing in your life is masturbation!! Let's nurture the psychotics!! Let's patronize the adolescents!! Let's make excuses and thoroughly believe them!! Cavalier changes are the perfect depiction of the phrase "Too little too late!!!!" A remote understanding of family and friends is just too much trouble, so let's just not bother!!! Did you know that dad got his brains blown out!! Oh well!! Nobody knows why!! Daughter and wife and company will eventually think of something else in the very near future....It is a fact that an obscenely mega mortgaged America is incredibly self centered...All these demented problems prevail in sweet suburbia!!! Suburbia is mainstream America, so are these hang ups!! These hang ups and so many more!!! Anybody else care to add to this list feel free to do so!!!
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