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Alien: Covenant
USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada
Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ridley Scott
Nathaniel Dean as Hallett
Benjamin Rigby as Ledward
Callie Hernandez as Upworth
Tess Haubrich as Rosenthal
Amy Seimetz as Faris
Lorelei King as Voice of 'Mother' (voice)
Michael Fassbender as David / Walter
Carmen Ejogo as Karine
Danny McBride as Tennessee
Billy Crudup as Oram
Storyline: The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape
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Where no idiot has gone before.....apart from in Prometheus of course!
So once again, after the debacle of Prometheus, Ridley Scott has proved himself simultaneously a master of visuals and yet utterly incompetent when it comes to creating a believable Alien story.

The single biggest problem I had with Prometheus was the collection of imbeciles and weirdos that made up the crew, and one might have hoped that Mr Scott would have realised that himself and made amends this time round. Errr.... no, sadly not. Once again we're treated to a crew of simpletons who make THE MOST pathetic and unbelievable decisions possible. Are we really supposed to believe that a crew would just ditch it's primary mission (that we're told had been over 10 years in the planning to ensure their destination was safe, etc) just because they happened to stumble on a new planet purely by chance? Just plain ludicrous. And that's just the start. A few more examples :

- Assuming we suspend our disbelief and accept the whole "let's risk all the colonists and everything we have planned for decades for to land on this new unknown planet instead" premise, why do these alleged scientists once again TOTALLY disregard the need for any protective clothing? So no breathing equipment, nothing at all to protect them from any alien pathogens. Good thinking!

- Faced with a choice of sending either an android, or pretty much the entire human crew with no protective gear, to investigate an alien world, who should go? Yeah that's right, send all the unprotected humans!

- Choice of landing right near the source of the unknown signal, or land several miles away and in a foot of water despite there being solid and flat ground a few feet away? Yep, it's wet feet and a huge hike all round folks!

- Little alien pods on this alien world puffing their alien spores into the air? Sure, just get your nose in there and have a good sniff. I'm sure it'll be fine!

- Crewmen get infected by said spores? Don't worry about any quarantine procedures, just carry them back to the ship while getting covered in their vomited-up blood.

- Alien organism just burst out of said infected crewman? Just open up the locked door and try to shoot it, but be careful you don't miss at point blank range and then slip up on the blood.... twice. (When that happened, people actually laughed in the cinema. I was half expecting a comedy sound effect the second time!)

- Tens of thousands of dead bodies, and an enormous dead city solely inhabited by David the android from the Prometheus mission, that the planetary scan managed to NOT pick up from orbit when determining the planet to be "safe"? No need to ask David what happened, just accept that it's all fine.

- Dark basements to go into all on your own? Do it! Nothing bad will happen.

- Huge alien eggs opening in front of you? Just have a good look inside. What could possibly go wrong?!

The list of stupid decisions just goes on and on AND ON!

While visually the film is generally excellent, the all-CGI-Alien was a huge let-down. Personally I found it considerably less convincing than the practical effects used in Alien and Aliens, which is unforgivable considering the creature is what these films are all about!

Additionally the crew, apart from being imbeciles (as is usual under Mr Scott's direction these days), are also completely forgettable. I saw this movie last night and I can't remember a single character's name today. The one exception is David/Walter, and once again Fassbender does a great job. (Perhaps that's why there's two of them - to make up for a lack of any other decent characters).

The other problem narrative-wise is that both Prometheus and Covenant have actually served to make the Alien universe much SMALLER in my opinion. In the original Alien and Aliens, the creature was just an unknown organism from the far reaches of the universe, and all the more scary because of it. (The same went for the Space Jockey for that matter). But these new movies have tried to tie it all back to humanity in some way - i.e. the Engineers (who are also the Space Jockeys) created both humanity and the black oil virus, and then the Xenomorph was apparently created by David (who was in turn created by man) somehow doing some genetic tinkering with the black oil and human DNA, while living in a cave and playing with his flute. Far from expanding the Alien universe, both these prequels have actually shrunk it by making man the centre of everything, while at the same time managing to sanitise and neuter one of the greatest movie creatures of all time. So what Ridley Scott is saying is that the entire Alien series and the iconic Xenomorph itself was just created by a deranged android with God/daddy issues. How very pathetic and disappointing. I personally hate it when movies try to explain everything to the millionth degree because it invariably ends up as a massive anticlimax. What was wrong with the Xenomorph just being some hideous unknown life-form from the far reaches of space???

I could go on and on, but there's a word limit here.

Lastly, the end is just pretty feeble and anticlimactic. The CG- Alien just kind of gets killed and that's it. And the *ahem* "twist" with David/Walter could be seen from a mile away, although David wouldn't have had anywhere near enough time to cut his own arm off and change his clothes and hairstyle.

Please PLEASE Mr Scott, stand aside and let Neill Blomkamp have his shot at an Aliens sequel.

A generous 2 Stars. One for the visuals that are once again gorgeous, and one for a great effort from Fassbender.
ridley scott is an artist more than 'a guy who does his job'
Alien covenant, though this may sound strange, is not a horror nor a plot driven piece. It is poetic in its design. I went in expecting a horror but was disappointed in the first half but..... the later half i slowly came to realise that was not the intention in the first place....

The movie's main theme is the dynamics of creation and creator in its pure beautifully cold form. From David to his creator, from the engineers to us , the beauty of such dynamics is untouched like a grey painting that makes you take a few steps in fear back as its unveiled. When I saw the engineers I was disappointed as to why are our creators so pathetic, but that was the genius of it, remember what I said about the dynamics? How pathetic and inferior are the creators before the more graceful creation ?

David dressed himself as the engineers Signifying the engineer's way of life but only in the exterior, the interior being far more different than imagined.David creating more evolved,mutated beings only highlightens his dynamics. And now finally we have the humans, us but there was a problem , I didn't like the characters at all, they felt way too.... human, too much emotions , I expected human beings in the future to be more calculative, decisive and more mentally strong, but here their pathetic ,weak and easily make decisions based on emotions. Surprisingly I found my ideal human not in the humans themselves but in their creation , the Androids, David in particular, David showed how people need to be in the future in order to grasp the opportunity to enter Valhalla when the Valkyries arrive Human beings are pathetic, a race that's on the verge of extinction just like their engineer creators and their ship of hope turns into despair in the hands of their creation and of their own folly.

The movie was nothing short of sublime, David was stranded and the Valkyries picked him up and he entered Valhalla(covenant) in full Grace as he puts forward the new formula of a robot, a creation...

Ridley Scott did something that I wouldn't expect to come from him, a poet
God bless Ridley Scott and the Xenomorph
Alien: Covenant, two weeks after its initial theatrical release and its already underrated!

Warning: Spoilers!!!

Ridley Scott return's to the directors chair once again to direct the epic 5th sequel in the alien franchise, that is if you don't count the AVP films. The film is also a sort of sequel to the 2013 film Prometheus, also directed by Ridley Scott. now, i know a lot of people didn't enjoy the likes of Prometheus, i did. It was a smart, dark prequel to the alien films.

Alien: Covenant stars Michael Fassbender,Danny McBride, and Katherine waterson, among others.

Michael Fassbender (Inglorious Bastards, Prometheus) plays two characters, Walter, a new android aboard the crew of the covenant, a space shuttle holding are new crew. Fassbender also plays his titular android, David, from Prometheus. David, in Prometheus, was an android who seemed normal at first but was so advanced that he gained human emotion and fought with the crew within that film. His performance within the film as Walter is intriguing and touching. He is a good character that is willing to die for a human aboard the ship. On the other hand, his performance as David is ominous and creepy. As Walter he has a standard American accent and as David he has his regular British accent. This is a strong clash between both and creepy result.

Danny McBride (Pineapple Express, This is the End) plays Tennessee, basically Tom Skeritt's Character from the original, Dallas. McBride's performance is very well acted, considering he is usually a comedic actor. Tennessee overall is nice, caring character that gives the film its comedic and touching moments.

Katherine Waterson (Inherit Vice, Fantastic Beasts) plays Daniels, are new Ellen Ripley. Everything goes poorly for Daniels in the film. He husband Branson played by Jame Franco is killed within his hyper sleep chamber. Throughout the rest of the film Daniel's is sad and upset, but note to self her sadness is not annoying. Towards the later have of the film Daniel's tries and succeed's to kick Xenomorph ass.

The film also features some other really good character actors, they include: Demián Bichir (The Hateful Eight, Machete Kills), who plays a lieutenant on Covenant. After the death of their captain Branson they have the second in command take over, he is played by billy Crudup (The Watch).

Now lets delve into some controversy, The Neomorph. The Neomorph is the newest species of alien introduced to the franchise. The Neomorph is basically an albino version of a regular Xenomorph. Its skin is pale and fleshy, it almost has a translucent quality to its skin and features. Instead of the classic tongue mouth that is usually darting out of a Xenomorph's Mouth we get a retractable mouth. The teeth and jaws pop out of the face and munch on human. When a Neomorph is born within the film they hatch out of the spinal chord and when born are really miniature versions of their adult stage. Overall, the Neomorph is a creepy yet bad ass alien that i cant wait to see again.

The classic Xenomorph returns in the film. Within the film we learn the origins of the Xenomorph. It turns out that David, the android invented the Xenomorph by crossing it with genes of the Nemorph and that's how the Xeno came to be. We also get some classic facehugger and chestburster action.

Now, when i went to go see the film i expected a lot, what i didn't expect was how gory and bloody the film turned out to be (That's Not a Complaint). I mean, it's really gory, like holy hell gory. I mean, there's a scene where a Neomorph hatches out of a guys mouth. Blood is shot everywhere and meat is ripped. Heck, there's a scene where a couple are having sex in a shower on the Covenant. As there going at it a Xenomorph's tail creeps under the glass divider of the shower and caresses the nude women's butt. She screams and then the Xeno's tongue shoots through the glass and into the head of her lovers mutilating his head and spraying bone, brain matter and blood allover over the naked body of the women. This was my reaction ... "HELL YEAH!." Anyways the film is gory as all hell and that's a good and amazing thing.

The film is well directed by Scott and true send up in the series, great, its a truly gorgeous and glorious gore soaked sequel!

Two-Facehuggers Up!

P.S : What a twist ending!
7 out of 10? This should score 3 at best!
I'm not going to reiterate all the bad reviews on here, just to say, thank god our cinema only charges £2.50 a seat! The highlight for me was seeing the JCB logo everywhere in the hold. (yes it's that captivating) Morons from outer space, if the human race has evolved to become so dumb, then I vote with David. Exterminate! Exterminate! I think these space colonists should invest in some Karma drones to go with those 100 year old GoPro cameras they all carry about.

Some shooting lessons wouldn't go amiss either... or some surplus NBC suits...

Last of all, the script writers need some lessons in script writing too.

So this film has absolutely nothing going for it, shame on you Ridley.
One of Scott's Best. Minor Spoilers Below.
I have been part of the IMDb community for some time and I am often baffled by the reviews I read for certain if not many of the films rated on this site. Masterclass Blockbuster film works like Mad Max: Fury Road and Captain America Civil War will get scathing one star reviews while films like the dreadful Suicide Squad will receive generally mixed to positive reviews calling it "Not that bad" or actually saying that it's great. I decided to finally write my first IMDb review in response to the many overbearing and out of proportion reviews calling this film a disaster. It's not a disaster. And in fact it's quite brilliant. The film not only expands the lore of the Alien Mythology but it is also a visually striking and technically brilliant film with characters responding and acting in very human ways to situations that were otherwise very Alien, pun intended, in nature. I liked Prometheus, but it had its problems, particularly with its characters and the structure and play out of its third act. Covenant learns from these issues and the screenwriters Dante Harper and especially John Logan engage the characters in ways that Lindelof couldn't do in Prometheus. Character motivation isn't murky here. Character choice is clear and the dialog is written with a sense of urgency and comradeship that was absent in the previous film. Scott's direction here is of notable praise. He doesn't rush in for the kill, he takes his time and makes the story less a horror exercise and more a compelling look into a universe full of horrors we couldn't hope to comprehend. The characters respond logically to the alien menace. They react willfully and don't rush head on into situations they can't control. For those claiming that the scientists are stupid. We know that Aliens are present on the planet. These folks don't and they act within logic and reason whilst scouting the planet. Scientists take bold risks. The difference between a normal Joe and a scientist is one had the balls to do something about it. To explore. To be the first. To take a risk. Alien Covenant is a brilliant film with compelling characters , beautiful effects and cinematography, rich storytelling and ominous musical cues. It's a wonderful piece of the Alien cannon and it engages the sense as a blockbuster should. It makes us squirm and it makes us squeal. It's bloody and it's brilliant and while it isn't perfect, neither is any other film. It's an experience made for the Silver Screen and one of the years most involving. Top marks. See the film. Decide for yourself.
A fascinating turn in different direction
Personally, I expected way less out of this movie - I expected a mediocre thriller which the current ratings seem to classify it into.

The previous Alien movies focused more on the alien itself and the human protagonist (Ripley). In Covenant, the focus is shifted onto an antagonist David - an artificial intelligence robot designed to act as a commanding officer aboard the seed ships. David, as well as newer and updated versions of David, are all played by Fassbender whose acting was almost mesmerizing.

David is an extremely complex individual, and the way the writer combined his intelligence with creativity to create a "perfect human" (Michelangelo's David, who he is named after) is quite impressive.

This perfection and superiority of David is often contrasted by weaknesses and irrational decisions of human officers.

I feel as if this entire plot, who links the origin of Alien and the story of David greatly enriched the whole universe of Alien. The story of the seed ship and the question about whether or not humans are replaceable makes it a solid science fiction piece.

Finally, even though a significant part of the plot, the aliens themselves felt less important.

Overall, highly recommendable even if you are not familiar with the Alien saga.
"Alien: Covenant" may lack the creativity of the last film and the freshness of the original, but it excels in action and terror.
Fans of the "Fast & Furious" and "Star Wars" franchises know that the release dates of those movies don't follow the same chronological order as the events portrayed (and there are short films and features in between) but those timelines have nothing on the "Alien" franchise. It all started simply enough: "Alien", a relatively low budget sci-fi horror flick released in 1979, thrilled, scared and shocked Movie Fans, while adding to the cultural consciousness the indelible image of a vicious, reptilian-like creature busting out of the chest of its human host, while also making Sigourney Weaver a household name as she played the iconic alien fighter Ellen Ripley in four of the movies. A new feature film from the "Alien" universe appeared every 5-7 years (not counting the "Alien vs. Predator" movies), leading up to 2017's "Alien: Covenant" (R, 2:02), which, in some ways, returns the franchise to its storied roots.

After the "Alien" sequels, "Aliens", "Alien 3" and "Alien: Resurrection" (each of the four with a different director), original helmer Ridley Scott returned to the franchise for a prequel series. 2012's "Prometheus" began exploring the question of how the Aliens originated. That was an excellent film, but was more "2001: A Space Odyssey" than "Aliens", for example, and it did a great job of setting up the films to come. From 2012-2017, ten(!) short films came out to fill gaps in the Alien story, with two of them leading straight into "Alien: Covenant". A small amount of footage from those two films (known collectively as "Alien: Covenant – Prologue") are used in the 2017 feature and in its theatrical trailers. In the "Alien" universe, this film is a sequel to "Prometheus" and leads fans closer to the events of the original film. In "Star Wars" terms, it's the equivalent of "Episode II - Attack of the Clones", but better.

Taking place ten years after the events in "Prometheus", this film follows a colony ship, called the Covenant, heading toward the other side of the galaxy. On board are 2,000 colonists in a deep stasis, 1,000 human embryos, a dozen crew members and a synthetic android named Walter (Michael Fassbender), an advanced version of the synthetic known as David in the previous film. On their way to a planet called Origae-6, the ship is hit by shockwave, causing significant damage and leading Walter to awaken the crew. In the process, the captain (James Franco) dies and first officer Christopher Oram (Billy Crudup) assumes command of the Covenant. As the crew is coming to terms with what has happened and working to repair the ship, they receive a radio transmission that appears to be human in origin. The planet that is the source of the transmission appears to be an even more hospitable spot for their new colony, so rather than wait another seven years to arrive at Origae-6, Oram decides to check it out.

As the Covenant, piloted by the cowboy hat-wearing Tennessee (Danny McBride) orbits this new planet, most of the crew takes a lander down to the planet's surface. The expedition consists of acting captain Oram, his wife, biologist Karen Oram (Carmen Ejogo), a terraforming expert named Daniels (Katherine Waterston), security head Sergeant Lope (Demián Bichir), members of his team and a couple others. While exploring the area around their landing site and beginning to evaluate the planet for possible human habitation, their discoveries range from odd to shocking to deadly. There are signs of human cultivation of what appears to be wheat, but at the same time there are no signs of animals or birds. The expedition finds the crashed ship Prometheus, along with the fully functioning David, who says that Elizabeth Shaw (the sole human survivor of the doomed ship) repaired the injuries he sustained on that earlier mission. Something else that the crew of the Covenant finds are alien spores which, if they enter a human host, result in the birth of vicious creatures which are very new to the unfortunate souls of the Covenant – and will also be somewhat new to Movie Fans. Thus begins a desperate struggle for survival.

"Alien: Covenant" is a worthy and exciting addition to the "Alien" franchise. Making this set of deep space travelers colonists who all have significant others on the ship raises the emotional stakes for the characters and for the audience. The interactions between the twin synthetic androids from different generations makes for a fascinating subplot, partly because of the acting prowess of Fassbender, who, along with the rest of the cast contribute to a talented ensemble who all deliver excellent performances. The story effectively builds on "Prometheus" and towards "Alien" with a flare that ups the franchise ante on horror and gore, while the wicked twists wonderfully tease a sequel. This film, however, can't really be said to be very "original". Besides the intended connections to "Prometheus" and the "Alien" movies, it's also a bit of 2016's "Passengers" meets 1991's "Terminator 2". "Alien: Covenant" may lack the creativity of the last film and the freshness of the original, but it excels in action and terror. "A-"
Warning! Warning Will Robinson! This film is Crap
So, let me get this right...a studio green lights this pathetic project with multi-millions of bucks, despite a script with more holes in it than a Trump speech, worse acting than a school musical and sadder CGI than a fifties Godzilla film. The mind boggles at this garbage. The really disappointing thing is it started out so well...but rapidly descended into a joke. Hollywood seriously? Are you that stupid? How can so much money produce such a crappy film? Where are the good scriptwriters? Just how often are you going to insult your audiences until you've lost them completely? Aliens Covenant is total garbage. Yeah it's kinda stomach churning and mildly tense in parts but the ridiculous way it's itself set up can't help a viewer feeling cheated. I walked out of this dumb film wanting a refund. It was stupid on almost every level. But the scriptwriters need to be singled out for their utter incompetence. The story is incredulous. It also is so far removed from the Alien franchise that I left thinking Ridley Scott really needs to give it a rest. Or else employ some decent scriptwriters. There's no excuse with this budget for such a lousy result. Just stop already.
Immensely Disappointing Film That shouldn't Be Praised For It's Mediocrity.
I have to say. I was more eager than ever to see this film. The trailers were great (if not slightly spoiler filled) I was super keen on seeing Danny McBride playing a serious role, and I was more than eager to see something that would pull the Alien up from the nose dive it have become.

But when the credits rolled, oh man was I disappointed. This movie is actually a massive step down from Prometheus.

The problems with this film are vast, but some struck me more than than others. For one, it actually felt amateur. Considering Ridley Scott made the iconic origin film, it's hard to understand how tragically he has failed to grasp what makes the Alien film great. There is no slow burn atmosphere here. No tension build up. No creepiness to the xenomorph itself. It just fails to do anything that the predecessors do.

The film also makes the same mistakes as Prometheus did, by giving the characters terrible motives or at best, strange decision making capabilities. Nothing really makes sense. There are so many times where you wonder to yourself, 'if this is suppose to be such an important mission, why are they making such ridiculous choices?'

My next big gripe is with the visual effects. They are awful. Again, a huge step down from Prometheus (which at least had that going for it). The action scenes with the xenomorph were spastic and often hard to follow.

Characters were plain, story was beyond boring, plot was ill thought out, and the only likable character who makes sense is the villain!

It just failed overall to make a decent movie, and I am tired about giving movie justice just because 'at least the effects were good' or 'at least the sound was great'. If the film can't stand up with its own story, then it is a bad film. And as sorry as I am to say, this is a bad film.

Neill Blompkamp should be handed the reins, as at least he has vision which could benefit the franchise.
A ridiculously incompetent & overemotional crew + huge mistakes = endless plot devices
I'm sorry, but I excepted much more. I had to facepalm myself way too many times during the movie because of the sheer incompetency and overemotionaliness displayed on-screen by the entire crew. It's ridiculous. You begin to wander - is this some kind of space kindergarten only the worst were invited to participate? Is this real life, or it's just fantasy? Has the mankind, in the upcoming 100 years, really had to become so stupid?

I mean, I don't even... For instance... How the in the world there's not enough security measures to open a stuck cabin in case of an emergent or, even, deadly situation when you must be awaken from the cryo-sleep? Haha, even the captain had to die shamefully because of stupidity of the engineers back on Earth (or on this ship). Are you guys even testing things you make?? :))

Haha, another goldie - instead of sending in a couple USVs (let's call them - Unmanned Space Vehicles) into an unknown planet to examine the surroundings because an unidentified signal has been detected, the entire crew decides that it's better to drop the final destination of this mission and just go there without even informing the HQ back on Eearth or asking for their advice on the situation.

Come on, Ridley... Don't you know it... We have sent Curiosity to Mars for quite a decent reason - to examine an unknown world throughoutly before we take a step in with extreme precaution, even if there's nothing to be afraid of and it's not even a habitable planet to begin with.

But no, Scott Ridley has decided to go, sorry for the expression, full-retard mode. The decision was not to consult anyone to make a decent sci-fi movie. The one that resembles the genre at least a bit. I honestly dislike the arrogance displayed in the plot and all the sci-fi things.

What did we get instead? A fantasy movie with jumpscares, shitty romance, dialogue, enforced fake relationships, emotional attachments between the crew, stupid unsympathetic people, "family bondings", etc.

Hm... There must be reason why a husband and a wife or even a couple cannot be sent into such missions, anyways. This kind of attachment may lead to irrational decisions in the most critical times, when lives are at stake and you may have to sacrifice someone to disallow the death of hundreds.
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