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USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada
Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ridley Scott
Nathaniel Dean as Hallett
Benjamin Rigby as Ledward
Callie Hernandez as Upworth
Tess Haubrich as Rosenthal
Amy Seimetz as Faris
Lorelei King as Voice of 'Mother' (voice)
Michael Fassbender as David / Walter
Carmen Ejogo as Karine
Danny McBride as Tennessee
Billy Crudup as Oram
Storyline: The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape
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Where no idiot has gone before.....apart from in Prometheus of course!
So once again, after the debacle of Prometheus, Ridley Scott has proved himself simultaneously a master of visuals and yet utterly incompetent when it comes to creating a believable Alien story.

The single biggest problem I had with Prometheus was the collection of imbeciles and weirdos that made up the crew, and one might have hoped that Mr Scott would have realised that himself and made amends this time round. Errr.... no, sadly not. Once again we're treated to a crew of simpletons who make THE MOST pathetic and unbelievable decisions possible. Are we really supposed to believe that a crew would just ditch it's primary mission (that we're told had been over 10 years in the planning to ensure their destination was safe, etc) just because they happened to stumble on a new planet purely by chance? Just plain ludicrous. And that's just the start. A few more examples :

- Assuming we suspend our disbelief and accept the whole "let's risk all the colonists and everything we have planned for decades for to land on this new unknown planet instead" premise, why do these alleged scientists once again TOTALLY disregard the need for any protective clothing? So no breathing equipment, nothing at all to protect them from any alien pathogens. Good thinking!

- Faced with a choice of sending either an android, or pretty much the entire human crew with no protective gear, to investigate an alien world, who should go? Yeah that's right, send all the unprotected humans!

- Choice of landing right near the source of the unknown signal, or land several miles away and in a foot of water despite there being solid and flat ground a few feet away? Yep, it's wet feet and a huge hike all round folks!

- Little alien pods on this alien world puffing their alien spores into the air? Sure, just get your nose in there and have a good sniff. I'm sure it'll be fine!

- Crewmen get infected by said spores? Don't worry about any quarantine procedures, just carry them back to the ship while getting covered in their vomited-up blood.

- Alien organism just burst out of said infected crewman? Just open up the locked door and try to shoot it, but be careful you don't miss at point blank range and then slip up on the blood.... twice. (When that happened, people actually laughed in the cinema. I was half expecting a comedy sound effect the second time!)

- Tens of thousands of dead bodies, and an enormous dead city solely inhabited by David the android from the Prometheus mission, that the planetary scan managed to NOT pick up from orbit when determining the planet to be "safe"? No need to ask David what happened, just accept that it's all fine.

- Dark basements to go into all on your own? Do it! Nothing bad will happen.

- Huge alien eggs opening in front of you? Just have a good look inside. What could possibly go wrong?!

The list of stupid decisions just goes on and on AND ON!

While visually the film is generally excellent, the all-CGI-Alien was a huge let-down. Personally I found it considerably less convincing than the practical effects used in Alien and Aliens, which is unforgivable considering the creature is what these films are all about!

Additionally the crew, apart from being imbeciles (as is usual under Mr Scott's direction these days), are also completely forgettable. I saw this movie last night and I can't remember a single character's name today. The one exception is David/Walter, and once again Fassbender does a great job. (Perhaps that's why there's two of them - to make up for a lack of any other decent characters).

The other problem narrative-wise is that both Prometheus and Covenant have actually served to make the Alien universe much SMALLER in my opinion. In the original Alien and Aliens, the creature was just an unknown organism from the far reaches of the universe, and all the more scary because of it. (The same went for the Space Jockey for that matter). But these new movies have tried to tie it all back to humanity in some way - i.e. the Engineers (who are also the Space Jockeys) created both humanity and the black oil virus, and then the Xenomorph was apparently created by David (who was in turn created by man) somehow doing some genetic tinkering with the black oil and human DNA, while living in a cave and playing with his flute. Far from expanding the Alien universe, both these prequels have actually shrunk it by making man the centre of everything, while at the same time managing to sanitise and neuter one of the greatest movie creatures of all time. So what Ridley Scott is saying is that the entire Alien series and the iconic Xenomorph itself was just created by a deranged android with God/daddy issues. How very pathetic and disappointing. I personally hate it when movies try to explain everything to the millionth degree because it invariably ends up as a massive anticlimax. What was wrong with the Xenomorph just being some hideous unknown life-form from the far reaches of space???

I could go on and on, but there's a word limit here.

Lastly, the end is just pretty feeble and anticlimactic. The CG- Alien just kind of gets killed and that's it. And the *ahem* "twist" with David/Walter could be seen from a mile away, although David wouldn't have had anywhere near enough time to cut his own arm off and change his clothes and hairstyle.

Please PLEASE Mr Scott, stand aside and let Neill Blomkamp have his shot at an Aliens sequel.

A generous 2 Stars. One for the visuals that are once again gorgeous, and one for a great effort from Fassbender.
Dreadful in every way
We did a 90 mile round trip, paid £25.00 for VIP seats to see this pile of utter tosh. A director of this calibre should be able to see bad acting and hear a poor script. Alien: Covenant does not work on any level. With this kind of budget why hire z list actors with poor delivery skills and absolutely zero ability to bring emotion to any of the scenes.

There is nothing good to say. It is such a 'yawn fest' that half way thought we become bored. It is predictable garbage. If I knew where Ridley Scott lived, I would call round and ask him for my money back. Really people, do not waste you time, effort or cash. We are die hard Alien series fans and were so terribly disappointed as was everyone else.
A fascinating turn in different direction
Personally, I expected way less out of this movie - I expected a mediocre thriller which the current ratings seem to classify it into.

The previous Alien movies focused more on the alien itself and the human protagonist (Ripley). In Covenant, the focus is shifted onto an antagonist David - an artificial intelligence robot designed to act as a commanding officer aboard the seed ships. David, as well as newer and updated versions of David, are all played by Fassbender whose acting was almost mesmerizing.

David is an extremely complex individual, and the way the writer combined his intelligence with creativity to create a "perfect human" (Michelangelo's David, who he is named after) is quite impressive.

This perfection and superiority of David is often contrasted by weaknesses and irrational decisions of human officers.

I feel as if this entire plot, who links the origin of Alien and the story of David greatly enriched the whole universe of Alien. The story of the seed ship and the question about whether or not humans are replaceable makes it a solid science fiction piece.

Finally, even though a significant part of the plot, the aliens themselves felt less important.

Overall, highly recommendable even if you are not familiar with the Alien saga.
If you are an Alien fan...avoid by all means
If you watched Life and thought if carefully selected and trained astronauts could act even dumber than a leaf of lettuce: here is the proof, they can.

There are enough reviews depicting the wrong and completely illogical choices the crew is taking whenever they do anything. Even things like going to a toilet (walking 1,000 feet in an alien, dark and unknown territory) can't be done according to a proper protocol. What do you do if a villain has just killed one of your friends and you have a gun in your hands? Walk him down into a cave with alien eggs...sorry, but I could not stop laughing.

The cave settings look like the enterprise franchise...20 years ago. You could smell the plastic. The body-less head in the water looks like from a Roman Empire movie...30 years ago. Bullet proof glass is no problem for aliens, just like 40 years ago. The weapons' efficiency resembles the one of an AK47...50 years ago and so on...

A completely ridiculous movie, it is not just that you have to leave your brain outside, you have to replace it by a Xenomorph brain so you finally know where you are coming from (Mama!).

Extreme garbage, take cleaning paper...or avoid going, even reject invitation from the most pretty girl in town. Better have a nice supper.
I couldn't have summed it up any better!
I'll spare readers a rehash of all the very accurate and succinct criticisms of this breathtakingly horrible movie itemized in other more lengthy reviews listed here. I'd gone into it with high hopes, being a longtime fan of the original "Alien", also directed by Ridley Scott. However, I finally walked out an hour into it - an hour of my life that I'll never get back again. See all the other reviews for the specifics; I'll simply quote the female lead (whoever she was) as she stood outside her shuttle's open door on the alien planet and said aloud to herself: "There's so much going on here that makes no sense!" I couldn't agree more, and I'll leave it at that.
I hate horror movies where the characters are stupid. I am almost glad when they get killed. There are lots of stupid characters in this film. Maybe that's why they killed off the captain at the beginning. You can't have a stupid captain; but every time the captain gets killed and the next man or woman assumes the position they get stupid real quick.

The visuals are stunning. The space scenes are what we have come to expect from space scenes if you believe in space; but the landing craft that they use to descend to the planet are comically not aerodynamic. The writers could have solved this problem by claiming that anti-gravity was perfected since the last movie.

The most puzzling thing is the creature. Some times it resembles the original monster and other times it resembles a creature that walks about on two legs. Some times you can kill it with bullets and some times it is bullet proof. Sometimes the creature is introspective and other times it is it's usual bloodthirsty self. Some times you feel like a nut; some times you don't? There were some brief flashbacks of when David the android arrives at the planet after having escaped with Shaw in Prometheus. On the way he has re-engineered the virus and killed Shaw. That would have been a better movie. Shaw was a better protagonist--almost as good as Ripley--not real cute; but sexy. The female lead in this incarnation is just not cute. You feel as though if she were a little cuter that maybe the captain would have taken her advice and not checked out the planet. On second thought if he had there would not have been a movie.
Creator destroying own creation? Yea, that's Ridley Scott.
I don't consider Ridley Scott to be one of the greats. He just has a lot of hit and miss. And he has more miss that hits. And this was another gigantic miss. And then the ones he hit, he goes back and destroys them. Just like all the directors cut or final cut or whatever cut version he released for Blade Runner that ruined the movie. And he's doing same thing to the Alien.

Before watching Prometheus, to prep myself, I watched the entire series again. And then I realized that it was James Cameron who should be credited with the series success. Not Scott.

In Covenant, perhaps Scott was trying to impress the audiences with visuals, not realizing that may have worked in 1980's but not anymore. Thanks to orgy of special effects thesedays, people don't get impressed by visuals.

And the twist he was going for at the end, I saw it coming as soon as the fight scene didn't show the winner. It was so painfully obvious.

Wish it was Cameron.
Much Worse Than I Could Ever Have Imagined
No suspense. No Horror. A permanent stain on the franchise that makes you feel dirty after having watched it.

I had pretty much no expectations going into this film. I had avoided much of the marketing material beforehand and knew very little about it other than it being a sequel to Prometheus, which I actually thought was a half decent film and a worthy prequel to Alien.

I'm not sure what went wrong with this film, but it is no exaggeration to say it is one of the worst films I've had the misfortune of sitting through. There is not one redeeming scene. The story is disjointed and quite frankly a complete mess. The editing is horrendous, the score completely forgettable and the cinematography is weirdly terrible.

Even Michael Fassbender cannot save this awful dirge. The CGI xneomorph will haunt my dreams for quite some time. Not because it's an imposing and scary alien in this film, but because the CGI is some of the worst you'll see from a movie this year.

Alien and Alien 2 were as close to cinematic perfection as you're going to get. Please avoid this dreadful film.
I so much wish Alien Covenant had been great
Would it not have been great to be able to write this about Alien Covenant?:

"Finally the Alien franchise got the masterpiece needed to make it exciting and alive again. Ridley Scott presents a chilling space horror movie, with surprisingly many new elements that we had not expected. If you thought you would see another movie, where the crew picks up a signal from an alien planet, going down there to get infected, and then having an alien creature on board the ship, with the heroine finally killing it, you were dead wrong. Except for a new approach to how the crew gets in the way of the xenomorph, this time the characters also act as expected from their training to travel in space. They have a strict quarantine protocol and they always use space suits outside of the ship, they don't touch anything they should't, and everything is done in a logical manner, at least until disaster strikes. The strong and well developed characters makes you really care about what happens to them and you will definitely again be scared of the Alien monster, in ways you did not expect. Most of the unanswered events from "Prometheus" were well weaved into this movie and made a lot of things more clear, although the xenomorph origins will probably always be a mystery, the perfect life form lurking out there, waiting for a new host. Easily the best movie since "Alien" and "Aliens."

But of course the reality is the total opposite - at least in my opinion, and it is really sad because I really wanted this movie to be great. It literally cannot get any worse now, so please Fox, let Neill Blomkamp make his Alien movie with Sigourney Weaver. I really can not believe it was set aside for this extreme disappointment of a movie.
Money-grabbing trash
Here's the gist: no interesting characters, recycled plot, predictable ending. It's just another grab for money billed as a sequel but only a prequel to the next chapter. It lacks all the adventure of Alien and spectacle of Aliens.

It's a waste of time and you will hate yourself for watching it.
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