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USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada
Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ridley Scott
Nathaniel Dean as Hallett
Benjamin Rigby as Ledward
Callie Hernandez as Upworth
Tess Haubrich as Rosenthal
Amy Seimetz as Faris
Lorelei King as Voice of 'Mother' (voice)
Michael Fassbender as David / Walter
Carmen Ejogo as Karine
Danny McBride as Tennessee
Billy Crudup as Oram
Storyline: The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape
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A bitter pill to swallow
I had high expectations going into Covenant, I'd enjoyed Prometheus despite it's well documented flaws and was expecting it to rise above it's predecessor. It didn't. I can suspend belief for some things but overs I can't overlook, the crew were well cast but the writing had some major flaws in much the same vein as Prometheus, highly trained people making incredibly bad decisions. You can argue that under pressure mistakes are made but not school-boy errors, taking an obviously sick and infected man onto your ship with no hint of quarantine being a major one. Having said that, I did think the aliens themselves were well projected and frightening, men-in-suits works better for me than CGI so on this point Scott won. The first two acts were good barring the critical errors, but the final act was telegraphed and obvious, it left me wondering where this great franchise can go to next? I will watch it again on disc and will definitely add it to my collection but to feel this disappointed after waiting for another of my favourite franchises to appear it left a bitter taste in my mouth, and it wasn't the Coke Zero.
Prometheus shot in the head by Alien Covenant
I agree with most of the negative comments about 'Alien: Covenant'. It is a gigantic missed opportunity. My biggest issue apart from the utter predictability and nonsensical, inept script, was the disappointment of seeing 'Prometheus' mixed up with 'Alien'.

'Prometheus' brought new thinking to the genre and left us at the end with the sole human survivor and the android flying off towards the planet of our 'creators' to find out why they had decided to eradicate us.

This question does not get answered in 'A:C' because a badly advised director decided to completely forget the huge potential set up in 'Prometheus'. Terrible decision. Terrible script. Terrible waste of good production money.
Not just disappointed, I am angry.
I started going to the movies when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I am now 71 years old. My oldest daughter and I have tried to get to the newest movie, every weekend, for the past 35 years. When watching movies, I never complain about the actor/actress in the movie. My concern is the writer/director of the movie. Acting,now, is like working at McDonald's was when I was growing up. There is so much money involved in movie making that with a few classes, young people can make a living in the movie industry. I have a nephew, living in L.A., that started right out of high school working with a crew that puts "set's" together for movies and TV. He even got credit at the end of some of the movies he worked on. Amazing that a person can get credit for putting furniture on and off a set.

I put in my summary that I was not just disappointed in this movie, but angry. I am not angry at the movie, the actor's, the CGI, or the Director. I think that I am angry at the movie industry for allowing this kind of crap to be put in the theater. I am angry, because I actually paid money to see this piece of crap. I am angry because Riddley Scott promised so much more. I thought that "Prometheus" was actually pretty good,despite it flaws. It was a movie about possibilities and that is what science fiction is for. The possibilities ended when the mentally Ill android, destroyed the Engineers. I am now done with this series of movies, there is no more story to tell. A mentally ill human (Weyland), created a mentally ill android (David), who created Xenomorphs that kill humans. That's it folks, the story is over,no need for two more pieces of crap like this.

Thanks to Alien Covenant, I am done going to the movie theater. I will not pay another dime to go to the theater. We movie lovers are being abused by the movie industry. I have told you a better story in less than a thousand words then this piece of crap told anyone on planet earth. Ridley had 97 Million dollars to tell us a better story and he didn't. If you have not paid to see it, don't pay to see it. Wait until it comes to your steaming device and see it for free. That way you can't be disappointed or angry. Please forgive the rambling.
2 hours of my life I'm never getting back.
A nonsensical piece of drivel continued from the last piece of nonsensical nauseam.

The film offers absolutely NOTHING NEW and was a complete and utter waste of time and money. Just how many times can this director re-hash this scenario? Bunch of idiots land on planet and get killed in grisly ways by the same alien using the same old tired effects.

Money-grabbing trash
Here's the gist: no interesting characters, recycled plot, predictable ending. It's just another grab for money billed as a sequel but only a prequel to the next chapter. It lacks all the adventure of Alien and spectacle of Aliens.

It's a waste of time and you will hate yourself for watching it.
Waste of time
I really like Alien movies, so could not wait to see it. And such a big disappointment. Writers were forced to connect the Prometeus movie with the rest of Alien story and it did not worked well. Lots of pseudo science, lack of logic! Do not waste your money! Fassbender was good as an android, lack of emotions.
Utterly heartbroken by this disastrous monstrosity
Dear Ridley Scott, You've ruined my life, you've ruined the lives of others, you've ruined your own life. I genuinely think you have a mental disorder. It's the only explanation. I have no words. I tried to write a fair, logical and critical review, but the 10,000 character limit wasn't enough to cover the sheer volume and perplexity and magnitude of brain hurting plot holes, editing, directing, story, acting and absurdity of the nonsensical destruction of the very thing you created. If I had the rest of your life to sit and explain the utter repugnance and absurdity of every choice you have made, it would still not be enough. Everything, is wrong. Even your own wrongs are wrong about the wrongs you've already wronged. I'm speechless. I'm just going to breath. Breath and try to remain calm as I remove every piece of Alien: Covenant and Prometheus from my mind. I feel dirty and infected, repulsed by this miasma of psycho vomit you have inflicted upon me.

My brain feels like the magical, inexplicable, story excusing black ooze... that's sometimes dust... and sometimes from insects... and sometimes is used as a plot device to explain absolutely nothing, and destroy people in vastly conflicting and apparently never ending ways, including itself. Perhaps from the ashes of my DNA, new life will be made. But apparently, not all the time. So I don't even have hope. Clearly, nothing makes sense anymore.

Yours sincerely
-- Terrible Movie, Terrible Script, Good Actors/Acting, Decent Visuals.
-- This movie was a HUGE disappointment. The 1st Ship Error I Kan understand.. but everything after it just pure idiocy.. from shooting a weapon inside a ship at random (at O2 Tanks). To everybody just "wondering off" alone on an unknown planet.. with NO EV Suits. Forget the whole Alien aspect.. the number of Viral or Bacteria in an unknown location is MASSIVE. And they are que'd as "Trained Staff to handle Planet Colony Deployment & Security"

-- Even on Earth.. you have to get a number of Shots to fight off Viral Infection in that area not native to your place of birth.. let alone bug bits that have been known to kill a person due to reaction. Great movies, even SciFi have a Human aspect that grips us.. the more sensibility it breaks the more disconnect there is with their viewers, unless the viewer is a special ed student.

-- This movie is pee(but with the SS). Then for some "logical" reason.. some Cowboy decides to take a ship full of valuable human lives to this unknown planet.. in a fudging storm. I dam near vomited. No off Earth trip to move this number of people would have a staff of people so poorly trained.

-- Then they sum it up w/ a Robot that wants to kill all humans. The writers should be shot. Thats the cliché of the whole movie. At no point does this movie surprise.. from the post-intro you pretty much know the whole move/end.

**Bad Writing** -- This f**er woke up and asked dude "What do you believe in" right after he walked threw a horror house of similar stuff that is killing his staff.. "tricked" into looking at an egg & getting his face ate, so to speak.. and he wakes up from that and says some foolish ash BS ? The script in this movie sucks.
David or alien covenant
Where do I start, this movie is worse than Alien 3, Prometheus and AVP1,2 put together, the whole movie is just about a cyborg named David or Walter, Ridley Scott just wanted too make a movie with cool gadgets and over the top space suits and air crafts with the worst plot and terrible c grade actors he picked out of the local paper and slapped Alien on the title, The Alien is why we want too go see it, it's in the movie for 5 minutes and when it appeared it was fake as hell, how can James Cameron make Aliens one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time behind T2 which he also made, because he took the time too make it real and believable, take a leap out of his book, you've ruined the Alien, this movie should have never been made, I'll film my alien action figures next time vs my GI Joe's and it would be more interesting and action packed than the crap I just sat through, the whole movie sucked, if it didn't cost me $50 I would of walked straight out.
Terrible Script, Terrible Effects, Utterly Boring
The film is in all ways worse than literally every Alien film that has come before it and I actually include the god-awful Aliens vs Predator films because at least they didn't over- promise and under-deliver so grotesquely. This film is filled with deus ex machina, clichés, bad techno babble, worse dialogue, and overused tropes. It is not only bad, it is laughably bad. There are extensive spoilers in this review, nevertheless I urge you to read on so that I can save you from this piece of absolute garbage.

The nonsense begins pretty much in the first minutes of the film. A disaster befalls the colony ship Covenant, which has stopped in deep space to unfurl its sails to recharge for some reason. I guess the ship runs on solar power or something because the people writing the script figure that's how it'll work in the future, and didn't bother checking with a technical consultant. So this disaster —a giant neutrino burst caused by a nearby star farting or something— damages the ship's solar sails, and causes fires to break out all over and steam vents to start spraying steam, and most notably killing the ship's captain James Franco whom I imagine had a larger part but saw where this mess of a script was going and cut fence along with Noomi Rapace who really only appears in likeness, but I digress.

So the flight crew of 15 (the rest of the ship's population of colonists are kept in hanging freezers that just kind of swing around like they're on coat hangers) has to fix the sails. Whilst Danny McBride is outside the ship doing this his helmet intercepts a cryptic signal of some one singing a —I'm not even kidding— John Denver song. Apparently only Danny McBride's helmet could pick this up because the ship has "communication buffers" that block out communication attempts I guess because that's how the communication systems aboard solar powered space ships of the future will work.

The replacement captain who no one trusts because he is "a person of faith" decides to take the ship off course to investigate the source of the transmission because it is coming from a planet that is awesome, way closer than their original destination that is still 7 years away, and yet that they somehow missed when selecting a planet to colonize. Of course it turns out the planet they find is the planet that Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender from the previous movie ended up on.

This is deus ex machina at its absolute worst. The odds of a ship in the vastness of space, just happening to run out of gas and getting a flat tire in front of Planet Bates Motel completely undermines the rest of the film, which even without this silly contrivance would have been terrible.

The colonists organize a landing party with their only shuttle, because of course they do. They find an eerily dead world because of course they do. Some of their number get sick on spores and end up birthing some monsters because of course they do. Things get particularly bad once David makes his appearance.

Yes David has survived since the events of Prometheus, his hair has grown out because I guess Weyland Corp makes androids that need hair cuts. Some more nonsense happens — I'm not going to go into it in detail because it is just so hackneyed and predictable. Suffice it to say more people die. And then the first huge twist of this pathetic film: David invented eggs and face huggers. That's right. David the android, still doing his best Peter O'Toole impression, stranded on a dead engineer world inhabited by monsters, decided that with all of this time on his hands he may as well invent the alien menace because he was mad about, I don't know, something, and wants to take it out on humanity by inventing a penis-headed monster. Maybe because he was made without a penis, I'm not really sure, they don't cover it. It is never adequately explained how he even does this or what tools he uses, or even how he knows how to do this in the first place.

We stumble across the preserved and vivisected corpse of Noomi Rapace that David has kept for some reason ala Bates Motel, as well as an art studio filled with of creepy poster sketches David made of her — I guess this planet had a Hobby Lobby. What ensues is a bad, nonsensical, utterly devoid of suspense or tension, chase sequence with terrible creature effects. I won't bother to tell you how it ends, it's just as stupid and predictable as the rest of the film.

To make matters worse, one of the script writers who churned out this turd also wrote the script for the upcoming Bladerunner sequel for which I now have absolutely zero hope. I don't know what is wrong with Ridley Scott. He keeps working with absolutely terrible scripts. Does he read this garbage beforehand? Does he show up on day one of shooting and just say "to hell with it, let's get this crap in the can"? Maybe he is just taking these projects on in order to set up trust funds for his kids — I don't know where the budget for this film went, it looked like it could have been filmed for less than a quarter of what went into it. Skip this film. And just to be safe skip any other films that happen to follow it. Nuke the whole god damn mess of a franchise from orbit. I can only hope this is the final nail in the coffin of this series I once loved.

0 Stars
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