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Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family
IMDB rating:
Lasse Hallström
Brittany Robertson as Teen Hannah
Bryce Gheisar as Ethan - 8 Years Old
Juliet Rylance as Ethan's Mom
Logan Miller as Todd
Michael Bofshever as Grandpa Bill
Luke Kirby as Ethan's Dad
Peggy Lipton as Adult Hannah
Josh Gad as Bailey / Buddy / Tino / Ellie (voice)
Dennis Quaid as Adult Ethan
Gabrielle Rose as Grandma Fran
John Ortiz as Carlos
Storyline: A dog looks to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes and owners.
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really good movie there was no animal abuse.
THE ANIMAL ABUSE VIDEO IS FAKE. This movie received terrible reviews because people thought that there was animal abuse.If you actually took the time to research this you will find out that the video was fake. I'm a vegetarian and I'm very passionate about no animal abuse, but this movie didn't abuse animals. Aside from that I saw the movie and it was very good. Every Time the main character Bailey died I cried. All in all it was a very heartwarming good movie that doesn't deserve all the hate its getting.
Amazing, heartwarming, and appropriate for all ages
This was an amazing movie and tugged on the heartstrings of everyone who saw it. No doubt the low score on the site can be attributed to the protesters who most likely didn't even see the movie. I ranked it as high as possible to bring up the average because in all honesty, this is by far the best animal movie ever.

The plot is simple enough for younger audience members to follow, and although there are some sad parts, they don't last for long. The plot is also intricate enough to relate to adults as well. The narration is superb and there is comic relief to bring up the mood. The film also includes scenes from the dog's point of view, which is extremely well done. The score was excellent and really helped convey the themes of each scene.
Bought my wife to tears
This was a truly wonderful heartfelt movie. We see the unrestrained love between Ethan and Bailey. Bailey, and his reincarnations go far deeper that I expected from this movie. Love without question, bravery, joy, great sadness. As an Englishman in the UK, we hadn't heard about the PETA boycott, and if it's about the K9 reincarnation, Ella, in the water, if there's one thing I know about dogs to be true, they won't do want they don't want to do. Boycotting a great movie like this had probably done more harm than good, because the more people that see this, will see how a dog can love unreservedly. All that PETA has done is sentence more strays not to be adopted. We have two rescue dog, both getting on a bit now, but we'll keep getting them and giving them a home because they become such wonderful members of the family pack.
Wonderful Time At The Movies
Finally saw this today (March, 2017), and like others, enjoyed it thoroughly, and resent the extremist PETA for hurting this wonderful film about what wonderful animals most dogs are. I am 76, and found myself intermittently laughing and in tears. PETA and their fans won't rest until no animal is ever eaten, while comparing the eating of chickens to the Holocaust. Anyway, I found this to be one of the best and most enjoyable family oriented films of the last few years, and can't wait to purchase it as soon as it is available on DVD. I sincerely found it to be far better than either "Manchester By The Sea" or "Moonlight", which were lauded more for their themes than for their entertainment value in my opinion. Notice that about 75% of the reviewers here rated the film 10. Compare that to "Manchester", whose acting may be better, but not the enjoyment or emotional intensity or humor. Thank you Lasse Halstrom.
Amazing Movie
Great movie! Had some great life lessons in it. Whole family enjoyed it, and everyone left happy! Dennis Quaid did a great job as usual.

I think that it gives some great perspectives on life. A dog's point of view definitely simplifies things. I feel that the point of the movie is to remember to enjoy the little things in life. While life can be hard, one must remember to enjoy the little things. If not, what's the point?

I also like how it shows different people's lives and their way of life.

If you are a dog person, you'll love it, go see it!
Loved this movie , has to be one of the best dog movies ever
I saw this movie today and totally enjoyed every minute of it , I have two dogs of my own , I am a dog dad , and I also use to have a beautiful golden just like the one in the beginning of the movie , her name was Brandy , and every time I see a golden , it brings back memories of what a great dog she was. This movie makes me appreciate dogs in more , because it does seem like they were put here on earth to bring joy into our lives. The story line of this movie is outstanding and should warm the hearts of anyone who has ever owned a dog.

I am a major animal lover,but I have to say PETA , has done it again, they appear to be stupid beyond belief, and I will never donate one penny to that anti-animal organization ,ever !!! They jumped on the boycott this movie bandwagon. This movie will probably help get a lot of homeless dogs adopted , well that's if groups like PETA , would use their brain for once. Don't forget what PETA , thought should of been done with the Michael Vick dogs.Thankfully no one listened to them.
A beautiful movie that's good for the soul
My wife and I saw A Dogs Purpose last night. This is the movie that was blacklisted by PETA over what has now been proved as fake news. PETA still bizarrely objects to the film, believing that no animals should be used at all in films (it should all be CGI).

Well, here's the truth: it's a beautiful movie made by dog lovers for dog lovers, and can do more for the welfare of dogs (and animals in general) than any of PETA's over-the-top rants. The movie is starting to recover at the box office as word-of-mouth is spreading. But it should have been 10x what it is today.

I recommend this movie. It's good for animals. It's good for the soul. It's also just great entertainment.
PETA backlash just trying to ruin this great movie
Me and my bf really wanted to see this movie, but did NOT want to support any kind of animal abuse. So we both looked into it and it turned out that the film in question (the German shepherd being forced into the water) had been edited together after being taken over a year ago, which is when it should've been brought to light if they really had been mistreating any animals. After finding out a few more things about it and looking at everything from all different angles, we decided to go see the movie and I'm glad we did. The scene with the German Shepherd jumping into the water wasn't even filmed with an actual dog, it was CGI, which I assume was because the actual dog was too scared to do the jump like that. Also, the movie was just great in general. It was a literal emotional roller coaster, making me laugh one minute and a sobbing mess the next. But even though it had me crying at some points and thinking about my first dog, Belle, and how much I miss her, the happy moments really made up for that. I've always been a huge dog person, I loved Belle like she was a third guardian, always watching out for me and my brother, and I love Grace like my own baby and my best friend. And this movie made me appreciate dogs even more and how much they do for us without even realizing. If anyone out there decided NOT to watch this movie just because of one video from TMZ and PETA (of all people), do some more research into it and give it a chance, because it really was an amazing movie
*** Excellent movie *** Don't believe the fake bad reviews ***
I never review movies but had to after seeing all of the FALSE BAD REVIEWS that were posted for this wonderful movie, the vast majority of which are clearly from people who have not even seen the movie! I would normally rate it 8/10, but am giving it a 10/10 to try this do what I can to help offset the ridiculous amount of false bad ratings (⅔ of ratings as of this posting are 1/10, which is blatantly absurd, and obviously mostly from people who haven't seen the movie and are reacting to the false bad press about animal abuse without investigating the true situation).

FALSE ANIMAL ABUSE ALLEGATIONS: The false bad reviews are apparently all based on a TMZ story that showed a dog strongly resisting being thrown into turbulent waters while filming the movie. These bad reviews pretty clearly seem to have mostly been written by people who didn't even see the movie and who believe everything they hear without ever looking into it. Had these allegations not been baseless, I also would also have passed on the movie and told everybody I could about the abuse, but after looking into the it, it wasn't actually that big of a deal. My own dog resists in the same way when I try to put it into the bathtub, there were plenty of people around to help the dog out if anything bad happened, the dog is completely unharmed and there were no other scenes in the movie with any potential for animal abuse.

FAMILY FRIENDLY: Some people also say that the movie isn't appropriate for kids, which I believe is also false. This is a wonderful and touching family movie, with scenes no more violent or scary than what has previously been shown many times in old family classics such as Lassie or Rin-Tin-Tin.

The movie tells the story of a dog that is reincarnated across several dog lives and shows the close and loving relationship between man's best friend and its owners, with a nice twist at the end of that I won't mention here. Each dog life is a nice story in itself, and my only negative comment is that I feel that they spent a little too much time on the first life, which I believe made the movie drag on a little at the start.

These unfounded animal abuse allegations are massively unfair to the makers of this wonderful movie, who did an excellent job and are being unfairly targeted. WATCH THE MOVIE AND YOU WON'T REGRET IT!
Excellent Movie
This is one of the most heartwarming movies I've ever seen. It was a 5 tissue movie. I will see it again. And, I will buy the DVD. Thank you for a fantastic afternoon! When the movie begins there was a collective sigh among the audience. Nothing cuter than a basket full of puppies. As the movie progresses, the story is funny, sad and extremely realistic. I've loved a dog in my life and he was as close to me as a child is to a lot of mothers. When I lost him, a great part of my heart went with him. Although I know this movie is fiction, at the end I was lifted by the spirit of the movie and the ending was the best I could have hoped for! I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did.
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