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USA, UK, Dominican Republic
Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Horror
IMDB rating:
Johannes Roberts
Matthew Modine as Taylor
Santiago Segura as Benjamin
Claire Holt as Kate
Yani Gellman as Louis
Mandy Moore as Lisa
Storyline: Two sisters are exploring the deep blue sea until something goes wrong. As they submerge 47m they encounter a creature that only wants flesh and blood. As they fight their way back to the top, they shortly run out of oxygen. With only an hour left they're not only racing against time they are racing against life and death.
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Shark Movie
I thought the movie was pretty good. Spoiler - it's about two sisters who go in a shark cage and things go very Wrong. Had good scares, bloody scenes, and a twist. Good example of what not to do when you go on vacation. Don't go on a rusty old boat with the locals. Don't go in a rusty shark cage. It was exciting to watch as I jumped out of my seat a few times.
It's Exactly What You Expect
Before we sit down in the theater, we know pretty much exactly what happens. Two girls go scuba diving in a shark cage and wind up a trapped in said cage 47 meters below the surface. Since they aren't experts, we know how they will react. Then sharks show up. Since they are sharks in a scary movie, we know how they will react. There is no real room for surprises.

If you expect rampant plot twists and character development, you must not see this type of movie often. It is what it is and it knows that. Despite the only real mystery being which of the girls survives, if any, or perhaps both, the movie actually manages to provide a refreshing twist.

That may sound bold to say when talking about a powerfully simple shark attack movie, but take some time to think about it. The twist is secretly ingenious and explains away many of the ghastly errors in believability.

I'm surprised to find myself defending a movie that I didn't really like all that much. But I am. It's not that movie doesn't deserve criticism. It certainly does. The acting performances earn failing grades across the board. The dialogue is laced with embarrassing over explanations and repeated lines, most of which involve warnings from the captain about the bends. Other times this takes the form of the girls obnoxiously narrated the menial tasks as they carry them out. Once or twice might have been fine, but it's tough to stomach after about the 10th time or so.

My thought on this is maybe the filmmakers knew that it was too dark to see what was going on for most of the movie, so they made the girls say aloud everything that they did. This solution makes about as much sense as going on a five-mile run after knowingly drinking spoiled milk. If one problem is easily avoidable, avoid the problem. Don't attempt a remedy that almost certainly won't help the situation.

All that said, I defend the movie because I think it executes its mission reasonably well. I shifted to the edge of my seat and felt uneasy on many occasions. The movie managed to scare the audience and it did so with fewer jump scares than expected.

Instead, the movie built to moments that would normally climax with the infamous jump scare then simply opted not to deliver one. The goal is still achieved. The moments still induce a sense of dread from the audience, but without the cheapness of frightening viewers by essentially saying "boo." I'd like to see other movies emulate this tactic.

My advice: if you are going to watch this movie, understand what you are getting into. The movie likely won't surprise and that wasn't its intention. Be reasonable with your expectations. Accept the movie's strengths and weaknesses. Empathize with how terrifying the situation would be if it were you stuck in the shark cage on the ocean floor, and don't hesitate to laugh at the movie's weaknesses.

Do those two things, and you may walk away satisfied. If you are unwilling to do that, stay out of the water.
A shark movie with bite.
Intense as f*ck, and with a great score ( except for the terrible song played during the closing credits ) this has two sisters deep sea diving in Mexico ( gloriously filmed in the Dominican Republic) and, through a series of events straight out of a disaster movie, getting stuck at the bottom of the ocean, 154 feet down, attempting to make their way to the surface without developing oxygen bubbles in their brains and dying as a result, or being devoured by hungry sharks circling nearby. The jump scares worked well, and the audience ( approximately 2/3 of the auditorium was full ) responded well to them.

Isolation and claustrophobia and a deep sense of hopelessness quickly set in, because when the characters are underwater, we, the audience, are also kept completely underwater, as the remainder of the film takes place underwater, with not a single shot occurring above the water, except for

*** spoiler alert ***

hallucinations. Which brings me to the only real complaint I have about this film: the filmmakers set up a chilling ending ( wherein the lead girl, the only survivor, is still trapped underwater, and the entire third act rescue was merely a hallucination, due to nitrogen narcosis ) but they didn't have the guts to go through with it, and we had one further extenuating scene, a contrived happy ending, which ripped the teeth out of this shark movie.
Effective Thriller
47 Meters Down (2017)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

Lisa (Mandy Moore) and his tougher sister Kate (Claire Holt) are on vacation in Mexico when they meet a couple guys who offer to take them on a cage dive. At first Lisa is worried but her younger sister talks her into it. Sure enough they get into the water and an accident happens where the two women find themselves at the bottom of the ocean without much oxygen left.

I must admit that I find some of the criticisms aimed at 47 METERS DOWN to be quite funny. I've read people complaining that the ocean floor would be a lot darker than it is during the movie. Umm... do you want to watch a movie that's complete darkness? Didn't think so. I've heard others say that the sharks look fake. OK, I agree with that but should they have perhaps used real sharks? A mechanical shark like in JAWS? CGI is here and it's to stay. Several other logical issues are being attacked but I say give it a rest. This is a thriller so it's meant to leave you on the edge of your seat and I thought this film did.

There have been quite a few movies over the years that dealt with the ocean and sharks. Obviously the landmark film was JAWS and there have been countless others that followed. Last year we had THE SHALLOWS about a woman trying to survive an attack and several years ago there was OPEN WATER about a couple people stranded in the ocean. This film basically takes those two movies and has some fun with it as we've got two women trapped at the bottom of the ocean and they're surrounded by sharks. I really thought the film was well-made and what I loved most about it is that it made you feel as if you were right down there with the ladies.

I'm sure many people will have a panic attack watching this because it certainly makes you feel claustrophobic. Whenever the women start to run out of air you too will be holding your breathe. The scenes with the shark attacks certainly make for some good jump scares. I'm not going to ruin the ending, another thing people are complaining about, but I thought it worked fine when you think about it. Both Moore and Holt are good in their roles, although neither one were excellent. Matthew Modine has a brief role as the Captain and it was fun seeing him.

47 METERS DOWN isn't a film that you constantly think about while watching. Turn your brain off, sit back and enjoy. The film isn't a masterpiece but I thought it was effective for what it was trying to do and it's certainly worth watching.
A few quick words on "47 Meters Down" (2017)
Yes, "47 Meters Down" is silly in places, and I don't think it will ever be held up as an example to students of good screen writing. But I can't slam any horror-thriller that scared and entertained me. And the sharks here (which were surprisingly well rendered by CGI) made me jump a few times. Furthermore, there are a couple of surprises late in the story, and I thought that one of them was wonderfully well executed.

This movie actually reminds me a little of last year's "The Shallows." Neither movie is 1975's "Jaws," but neither pretends to be. They're both perfectly serviceable monster movies that present horror movie fans with a great way to kick off the summer.

I'd rate this film an 8 out of 10 for being a fun, if forgettable, shark flick.
movie good ending sucks
Look the mkovie was good but the ending was awful I still do not know it one or both girls survived .One minute they are laying on the deck chewed up .And the next minute only one is being rescued from the cage .noone understood what was happening.I tell you i wouldn't go see it again and why are these woman dumb enough to get into that rusted ass old cage on that rusty old boat .No wonder these girls wind up dead.
Well, it has water...
This movie is utter crap. Outside of their being water, nothing about the movie is accurate and most of it is completely ridiculous.

Just start off knowing that compressed air from 3000 psi tanks at 47 meters will be empty in under 20 minutes with a very experienced and calm diver. An excited diver will have less than 10 minutes. The movie gets worse from there.

SCUBA Magazine actually did a brilliant article on monumentally inaccurate this movie. It is full of spoilers so if you intend to see it, don't read the article but, don't see it unless you and your friends want to make your own episode of MST3K
47 Meters Down
Also called "In The Deep", how thrilling can a film be which sees the greater part of it set in darkness or semi-darkness and with only two characters? Thankfully, the answer is not much better than this one. Two sisters – Americans, of course – on holiday in Mexico, accept an invitation to go down in a metal cage and view great white sharks in situ. The introvert is not so keen, but bows to her sister's desire. The cable snaps, and they are goners, or are they?

At one point, it looks like there could be a supernatural angle here, or perhaps something way out as in the 1989 science fiction film "The Abyss". No, nothing supernatural or extraterrestrial.

There are some excellent special effects, and although film buffs will inevitably think "Jaws", the influence is minimal. The film loses one point for the not quite believable penultimate scene which is revealed to be an hallucination (although that was forewarned), and because it passes the Bechdel test!
Down Down, Deeper and Down.
It's summer again;  it's a shark movie.  Lisa and Kate are two sisters on holiday in Mexico with one grieving a lost relationship and the other looking for fun.  Against their better judgement they go shark cage diving 5 metres below a vessel that looks like it should have been in the salvage yard 20 years ago.  After a mechanical failure the cage plummets down to the sea bed..... (Go on, how deep? Have a guess.  Go on, go on, go on ...)

With sharks circling and air running low, will the girls survive their ordeal?  

Last year, one of the surprise movies of the year for me was "The Shallows", which I really enjoyed.  A tense, well made yarn held together by a solid performance by Blake Lively and with a genuine escalation of tension (albeit let down by a poor ending). 

"47 Metres Down" differs from that film in three major respects:  B- movie acting, from Mandy Moore and Claire Holt (with Holt being significantly better than Moore); a screenplay by Johannes Roberts and Ernest Riera that is both ponderous and unbelievable; and dialogue that is at times truly execrable.  

The film really takes its time to get to the 'sharp end' (as it were). Once there, the actions of the girls are so clinically stupid that they are deserving of Darwin Award nominations. Fortunately, the IQs of the sharks (well realised as CGI by Outpost VFX) are only marginally greater:  the sharks will appear and then go away for ten minutes at a time, just so that the implausible plot can progress unmolested.

These films always need an escalator for the tension:  in "The Shallows" it was the rising tide; in this film it is the air supply. This element works well and adds an additional element of claustrophobia to the film that is already at 11 on the scale (you surely don't need me to tell you that claustrophobics need to avoid this film!). 

Much of the dialogue is expository regarding what is going on in the darkness and is so repetitive ("We ARE going to get out of here Kate!") that it would make a good drinking game.  The worst dialogue award though goes to Matthew Modine ("Memphis Belle") who's repeated medical descriptions of "the bends" becomes mildly comical - I literally got a fit of the giggles at one point.

I'm not going to completely savage the film though, since there IS a nice twist to the ending, albeit one that's heavily signposted.  And instead of reaching constantly for the classic "Ben's head in the boat" jump scare, the film occasionally teases the audience with set- ups that ultimately just feature murky water and nothing more. 

My recommendation:  if you've not yet seen "The Shallows", check that out on DVD and give this one a miss.

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Absolute Rubbish DO NOT WATCH THIS !
UNREALISTIC, RUBBISH, REALLY BAD REALISM! They could hear each other but had no ear piece in , the cage fell to quickly, the coast guard took to long. These are a few of many things TOTALLY WRONG with this crap movie. The main issue with this movie is how predictable it is, from start to finish you could tell what was going to happen at every moment. Do not watch this movie.
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