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Hong Kong, South Africa
IMDB rating:
Brian Smrz
Jenna Upton as Kate
Brendan Murray as Zed / Red Mountain Leader
Richard Lothian as Red Mountain Guy
Qing Xu as Lin
Paul Anderson as Jim Morrow
Nathalie Boltt as Doctor Helen
Tyrone Keogh as Keith Zera
Liam Cunningham as Wetzler
Tanya van Graan as Jasmine Morrow
Ethan Hawke as Travis Conrad
Rutger Hauer as Frank
Storyline: An assassin seeks redemption after being given a second chance at life.
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Better Than Expected
For a movie that has such a terrible name like 24 Hours To Live the film actually ends up being quite entertaining and competently done. It stars Ethan Hawke as Travis Conrad, an assassin out of semi-retirement and back for one last job. He is tasked with killing a witness who is giving a deposition against a global corporation that has conducted medical experiments and killed dozens of innocent people. In his way is an Interpol agent Lin played by Quing Xu protecting the witness. Soon his conscience kicks in and he is helping Lin survive.

The action is quite well done and the acting by Hawke, as well as the supporting roles acted by Liam Cuningham, Paul Anderson and Rutger Hauer amongst others are all decent enough. The scenery of Cape Town where most of the movie takes place is great. There are plot holes and some inconsistencies in the story and there are certain elements of the movie that will remind the viewer of movies like Crank and John Wick. The end result is not as good as those movies but is still entertaining. Even though the movie strays heavily into the realm of Science-Fiction and tries to infuse a back story it is still largely action based. Overall a 5.5-6/10. Better than expected and much better than most recent B and C grade action movies starring Jean Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Antonio Banderas, Nicolas Cage etc.
Terrible to sit through watching a very bad film
The screenplay sucks big time, the dialog fills contrite, the acting awkward, Ethan Hawk acted quite awkward from the very beginning like a B movie actor. The way he could use some device to cancel a passenger flight is even ridiculous. The guy could fly all over the world and landed himself to meet the Chinese woman was even more ridiculous. Then he suddenly became a pick-up artist to move in to her and successfully invited her to dinner. Jesus, what a charming man.

I guess this is another film invested by some Chinese rich guys, otherwise the screenplay and the director would not have turned out so bad and so lame. I couldn't hold my interest to keep watching this lousy film over twenty minutes since the plot, the scenarios, the dialog and acting just so badly mixed up into a stinking crap, qualified to directly release to B movie DVD rentals in supermarkets. For me, even paying a dollar for the rental is kinda expensive.
Wasted time. I can't figure out why some people give such ratings
You see Ethan and 6,4 on IMDb you think it's not a waste of time. But boy you are wrong. Everything sucks, starting with the silly dialogues, the bad camera work, the stupid CGI and finishing with the silly illogical action.

Really, how can you rate this 8? Or 7? Or even 5? I mean, it doesn't bother you when you see that logic is missing from almost every scene? Or when you see an actor that killed it in Training Day playing like a bad Indian soap-opera actor?

I lost my faith in IMDb. Too many lame action B movies are rated like they're Oscar material.

PS: I gave it a 3/10 because the story is not all that bad. But they've ruined it
Plot is simple, action is acceptable, but the Chinese element is amateurishly injected
If the story is about a retired killer returning to the scene & then end up destroying the organization that hired him, fine. That idea is not new but it certainly can be done & we could all still have fun watching the action. Alas, they tried to complicate it & in turn spoil it.

The Chinese character is badly thought out & badly executed. In the beginning, she's supposed to be a bad-ass Interpol agent, the sole reason why the mole guy escaped the local militia ambush. She's also very sharp at discovering that Travis wasn't a salesman (albeit after sleeping with him & could have been killed). & yet after that she's just a helpless useless mother. She didn't even realize the fact that in any VIP escort or hostage situation, the target always is placed in the middle car & she needed Travis to tell her that. Really? This just doesn't seem congruent at all.

The way she sometimes speak in Mandarin to Travis is also unnatural & doesn't fit into the flow of the film. & why would they be speaking Mandarin if they're from HongKong, the Cantonese place, ye?

The "technology" that revolves around "24 hours" gave rise to the massacre & also to the 'timing' on Ethan's life is the center of the movie, but it is inadequately explained. It also doesn't make the ending 'twist' where Travis seems to be revived again by the doctor because he let her live more interesting. This movie isn't getting a sequel. His life is resolved & he's happy to die. So that piece of addition is kind of pointless. Revive him every 24h, really?

Ethan Hawke's part is okay, but he's kinda of bogged down by Lin's character. He could have just mugged her phone at the airport or kill her in some toilet or corners & be done with it instead of dragging her to dinner then to bed, but without that you don't really have the plot, do you? Oh well....

So all in all, it's watchable if you can overlook certain logical stuff. The action is 2nd-rate but okay, worth the popcorn. Ethan Hawke, by himself, is OK to watch. The Chinese injection just plain bad.
Ethan Hawke Shines Again in an action role, but the plot is clichéd
"24 Hours to Live " will make viewers happy, but a bit disappointed also. Let me highlight the movie's good elements first. Ethan Hawke is clearly the greatest attraction in this action-based flick. Hawke is very impressive in this fight-garnished delight. It reminded me of his outstanding , action role in the movie "Assault on Precinct 13 ". The camera-work and editing are also excellent, because it allows the viewers to actually understand "all" the action that is displayed in "24 Hours to Live". The action coordinators' work is almost perfect, and gracefully executed.

OK, here come the bad elements. The story and screenplay are too clichéd and predictable. Any viewer who has been an action movie fan for a minimum of 10 years, will be able to figure out what happens next. In other words, the story (and screenplay) should have been well developed to keep viewers totally involved in the movie.

I would love to become a story-writer for movies. I can really elevate the stories of movies like this one, so that the majority of viewers find the movie interesting and thrilling enough to watch again (and again). Employers can contact me at
Don't mess with The Hawke
I know Ethan Hawke used to starring in a lot of action movie but he never strike the lead action hero in my eyes until i saw 24 Hours to Live.His always sad and tired face intentional or unintentional make he fit the role perfectly that add a lot of emotional into the cliché dialogue.The movie is pure action from start to finish make it a good Saturday night flick when you lazy to go out.The ending is terrible btw
Movie Uses A Good Device But Suffers From Choosing To Be Too Bombastic....Even So Hawke Brings It
You might feel conflicted watching this one. Sure it has the full Hollywood bombast when it comes to action because after all it is intended to compete within that genre. The conflict comes in the sincerity of Ethan Hawke's character Travis. Hawke brings his inner turmoil into the role as we meet him. He is struggling with the aftermath of choices he made which cost dearly. He's given up his covert life and in his pain he makes a miss-step in jumping in at his closest friend and asset behest. The friend brings him an offer that is so outlandishly rich and is a one-off. This is a good intro and it might be something a "lost" operative just may bite. Things quickly turn to the more "out-there" even as this is played totally straight. It is Hawke's damaged Travis that keeps the viewer invested. He purposely blows the hit he's hired for and in the process he gets himself killed. This is where we have to just accept the fantastical or things will go south. It's a big demand on the viewer, but again Hawke's Travis pulls a coup and now he's in a race. You see he's got a window of 24-hours to do what his heart is telling him is right. If you are still in the action and tension ramps up. By using a device of an old noir movie and throwing it a blender with today's bombastic action Travis has a score to settle. Throw in some black ops and medical evil worth of the Nazis and the last half of this movie moves at a fast clip. Lots of elements here are too outlandish but, this is a action movie, not a drama or Sci-Fi. The final house cleaning is worthy of Arnold! This makes it worth a look and I give Hawke the credit.
Entertaining despite its flaws
1. Bad CGI. The use of CG blood ruined the parts that could have been really good. I don't see any reviews here pointing this out like in many other movies (John Wick) that use this shi**y effect and rarely gets called out. Imagine if they used the tried and tested blood squib, it would totally change the quality of this film.

2. The action is good overall but its lacking oomph. The pacing feels rushed. A lot of times the sound effects are not on point. The background music would drown the gunshots and everything else. The gun shots can range as loud as the footsteps. The balance is off.

3. Plot holes, some characters would know things that they shouldn't and would be in places that are questionable.

That being said, the story was surprisingly decent. There was chemistry between the characters. I like Travis' portrayal. I was able to connect with him without the story cheating. You don't get to see exactly what happened to his past or how it happened, it is unraveled bit by bit as the story goes.

Despite all of these flaws, it still came out decent. If only the things I've mentioned were put into use this film could even score as high as 8/10.
It's not very good but I can't pinpoint what
This film tells the story of an assassin, who is shot by the bodyguard of the target he has to assassinate. He is mysteriously revived and is given another mission that lasts for 24 hours.

I keep thinking there is something wrong with this film, but I can't pinpoint what it is. Maybe it's because of the absurdity of reviving someone for 24 hours. Why try and succeed in the mission, when you'll die in 24 hours regardless of success or failure? Another thing is that there seems to be a lot of movie logic present. Why use an office that is completely exposed to being shot, when you're interviewing a high value target? The story doesn't make much sense.
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